The Small Experiences That Shaped Me

During our lives there are the experiences that completely shape and mould the person you are. Sometimes, these are small things. Experiences that, at the time, don’t exactly feel significant like riding a bike for the first time or baking a cake. Then there are those massive events that shake up the path of yourRead more

Let’s Catch Up On June

Welcome back! I was on a blogging hiatus whilst I was travelling and then getting back to the routine of normal life. However, I’m back and ready for business with a bunch of drafted posts. Seeing as I’ve been away for a little while, let’s have a catch up of all the things I’ve beenRead more

Life Lessons From University

Everyone always tell you how university will be such a shaping time in your life. It’s the experience which helps you discover yourself and your place in the world. There is so much emphasis on the university experience. My three years at university were a real mixed bag. There were incredible memories to be made,Read more

Friendships Change, and That Is Fine

Friendships always change throughout life. You drift away from your school friends who were the centre of your life in year nine. The friendships which seem amazing at the start can become a bit toxic and need cutting out. You gain new and unexpected friends. People come and go in your life. Some stay aroundRead more