So I’ve moved away…

Hannah Jayne Mental Health Body Positivity

As most of you probably already know, I have moved to Dubai. I’m not sure how long I will be here for. It could be 3 months, or it could be 2 years! Picking up and leaving (half of) my family, my boyfriend and all my friends has been really difficult. But it is something […]

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October Favourites

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites

I’m back with another monthly favourites. This month has been one of adjustment for me, I’ve moved to a  new country and started working as marketing intern for a great company. It’s all very different, but still super exciting! However, these changes haven’t stopped me becoming obsessed with a few bits and bobs. If you […]

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In memory of Emily Jane

Cousins Hannah Jayne UK Blogger

I lost my auntie. My auntie Emily. The gorgeous lady that everyone said I was the mini version of when I was younger. The talented lady who was always quirky and fun. The incredible lady who had the strength to give birth during an earthquake in New Zealand and battle cancer. The lady who spread […]

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Three Meals That Got Me Through Uni

Recipe Food Ingredients Hannah Jayne

September is here, which means people will be starting (or going back to) university. There is this classic stereotype of student’s living on instant noodles. But you don’t have to, even though when you’re super hungover, they are one of the best things to eat! So, whether you’re a student who has no idea what […]

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Monthly Favourites #1

Hannah Jayne outfit photo boyfriend jeans

I’ve been having a little think recently, which can be dangerous when it turns into overthinking (the perks of anxiety!). This pondering has resulted in the start of Monthly Favourites rather than simply Monthly Music. There will still be music features! But, now there will be food, books, clothes and just about anything that takes my fancy […]

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