Review | Terrarium Workshop @ The Habitat

Since moving to Dubai, I sometimes feel that brunch or going to the mall are the only options to fill my weekend up with. I’m always on the lookout for things to do that are a bit different. When I saw that The Habitat were hosting a ‘Terrarium Workshop’, I jumped at the chance.

After very little persuasion my stepmum agreed to come with me and I booked us both a spot. For two weeks, I eagerly waited whilst spying on Instagram all the beautiful creations that were being made at earlier workshops. If you need some glorious plant inspiration, definitely give their Instagram a follow, it’s beautiful.

We headed along to Boston Lane Café in The Courtyard (which is one of the most dreamy places in Dubai). The workshop, which was hosted by The Habitat’s owner, Denae, was set up in a really social way so that we could all chat and share our creations. We started off with an introduction to Denae and The Habitat – which has only been open a year!

Denae really knows her stuff about plants! She gave us a brief history of terrariums and how they work. I’ll be honest, when I went along I thought a terrarium was a glorified plant pot with pretty stones and what not. I was surprised to learn that they are actually self-sustaining mini ecosystems. This was a pleasant surprise because it doesn’t need any looking after. Plus, did you know that a terrarium once lived for 60 years?!


I was a bit apprehensive at first. I’ve never done anything this and I’m not the most green-fingered person out there. My apprehension was soon quelled though. The workshop was incredible and I had so much fun. The feeling of creating something with my own hands was so rewarding, even if getting the plants in the right spots was slightly frustrating!

The workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. I recently vowed to spend less time on my phone and online. For two whole hours, I was completely disconnected and didn’t pick up my phone (apart from to snap a few photos). And I’m so happy with how cute my terrarium is. I went for a ~Japanese rock garden vibe~ with all the stones at the front.

If you’re Dubai based, book a spot and get your butt down to the workshops. It only costs 200AED which includes all the equipment and things needed to create a wonderful looking terrarium. I mean, you’d usually pay at least 300AED for a terrarium from some bougie shop. But with this, you get the satisfaction of making it yourself!

Let me know what you think?