The Inspirational Women In My Life

Let’s talk about women. Women are just bloody wonderful. Especially those who uplift, support and empower other women. In a world dominated by men, where women are pitted against each other to compete and bitch, we should appreciate the wonderful women in our lives more often. I wouldn’t be where I am without some of the ladies in my life. So on such a monumental day for women – the day where Ariana Grande released the greatest music video ever – let’s chat about those incredible women who inspire me daily.

The One Who Gave Me Life

If I wrote this post, without including my mum, she would probably murder me! Even so, she is still one of the ladies who inspire me the most in my life. Anyone who knows my mum would use the world tough to describe her because she is one tough bird. Whatever life throws at her, she will battle her way through it.

She has always tried to do the best for my sister and I. Despite going through her fair share of difficult times, she has always been there to support us. Putting her daughters before herself is second nature for my mum. My mum has never judged me and has always given me the freedom to do what I think is best (even if she still struggles with my decision to move abroad). I can always talk to my mum about anything and everything.

My Favourite Old Timer

You know the stereotype of a grandma? The one who feeds you constantly, is full of warmth and always stands at the door whilst saying goodbye. That’s my nanna. But with a bucket load of sass and hilarity on top. She drinks red wine like it’s water and tells everyone how it is. Yet, she’s the kindest and most loving person ever. I feel a warm, cosy feeling whenever I think of my nanna. My childhood is full of memories of playing card games, eating pickled onions and feeling loved with my nanna.

The Biggest Brat or Poppet

Although we fight like cat and dog, my sister is someone who never fails to surprise me. She presents this super hard exterior and acts like she’ll fight anyone. Most people don’t get to see what’s beyond this bravado. Underneath it all is the person who I spent my childhood playing Bratz and dance schools with. The person who can make me cry (and sometimes wee) with laughter and will always stick up for people she loves. She’s a good egg, even if she does steal everything I own and wind me up like no tomorrow.

My Evil Stepmum

Most people have a challenging relationship with their stepmother. We are all familiar with the evil stepmothers from fairytales. This couldn’t be further from the relationship I have with Jo. We’ve worked hard to get to this point because I was such a brat when we first met. Jo has embraced me and has become a huge part of my life. Especially since moving to Dubai, my stepmum has been a rock who always supports me and listens to me prattle on about everything. There’s nobody else in the world who I’d rather get mani-pedis and watch Grey’s Anatomy with.

The Two Best Friends

Where do I start with these two? I’ve never met people quite like these cherubs. I feel so honoured to be able to call these two my best friends. They are two of the most loving, hilarious and genuine girls you will ever encounter. In the five years of our friendship, I have never felt any judgement from them. They accept me for all my weirdness, flaws and moodiness (which I have a lot of). Yet they always push me to be the best possible version of myself. Every single day, these two inspire me. Life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for them, but no matter what they experience, they always have a smile on and a shoulder for me to cry on if I need.

So yeah, women are pretty bloody wonderful. I feel incredibly grateful and lucky to be surrounded by such a group of strong, loving and hilarious women. Women who have always supported me without a second thought. Women are just incredible.

Tell me about some of the amazing ladies in your life!


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