Love is in the air. Or maybe not…

Well happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Another day full of cards with glitter and hearts, last minute dashes for chocolates or flowers, and just general romancing. Everywhere, couples are declaring their undying love for each other. And why shouldn’t they? As each Valentine’s Day comes about, there seems to be an increase in anti-valentine’s stuff. MoreRead more

Yearly Favourites: 2018

Considering the monthly favourites I started have been haphazard to say the least, I thought perhaps a yearly favourites could be more consistent. Well it couldn’t be any less consistent than my monthly favourites! So let’s do a rundown of my favourite things throughout this year from makeup and music to plants and movies. TheRead more

New Year, New Me?

(TW: this post discusses diet culture and body image, so please read with your own discretion)  The New Year period is a conflicting and confusing time. After thoroughly enjoying yourself at Christmas, with all of the cheese, wine and merry making, you are bombarded by diet culture. The New Year arrives with guilt-infested messaging thatRead more