Yearly Favourites: 2018

Considering the monthly favourites I started have been haphazard to say the least, I thought perhaps a yearly favourites could be more consistent. Well it couldn’t be any less consistent than my monthly favourites! So let’s do a rundown of my favourite things throughout this year from makeup and music to plants and movies.

The treats for your ears

 When I wasn’t listening to Ariana Grand on repeat, I did discover some absolutely incredible music this year. I mean, 2018 was a bloody good year for my ears. Some of the highlights, aside from Queen Ari, have been the following artists.

My top played song for the year was Millennium Queen by Approachable Members of Your Local Community. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across this band, but boy was I happy to. All of their songs are so funky and silky smooth. They are the perfect soundtrack to accompany a summers day with the sun on your skin and the breeze in the air.

Pale Waves were such a breakthrough band for this year! They have completely blown and I can see why. Every single song on their debut album is infectious. You can’t help bopping along and end up with the lyrics embedded inside your mind. They have a perfectly synth-pop sound mixed with something slightly edgier too.

Although I discovered KWAYE during 2017, he released his debut EP Love & Affliction this year. And I have been absolutely consumed by it. I can’t believe more people haven’t heard of KWAYE because his sound is so dreamy and flawless.

Things to read

By far, the best book I read this year was This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at a book. I laughed until I was almost crying and my sides hurt. The stories in this book are so unbelievable that I had to keep reminding myself it was nonfiction. Aside from being incredibly hilarious, it was heart wrenching. To see what has been, and still is, happening to our glorious NHS and the doctors who sacrifice everything to look after us.

A close contender for the ‘best book’ title is Why I’m No Longer Talking About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. I’d always thought myself to be relatively clued up about racism and my privilege, but this opened my eyes so much. As white people, it is our responsibility to read literature like this so we can be informed on the true impact of racism and the privilege we have. If you considered yourself an ally, you have to give this a read.

This year, I discovered that I’m a sucker for some heart-warming, lovey-dove chick lit. Another two of my favourite books from this year were The Note by Zoe Folbigg and One Day in December by Josie Silver. Both were wonderfully cheesy and lost me in cosy, happy bubble of love. Something you definitely need when your boyfriend lives halfway across the world.

Stuff I put on my face

I’m definitely no makeup or skincare guru. Most of the time I struggle to blend my eyeshadow and forget to put on night cream. But, boy, do I love spending my money on stuff for my face. The things I’ve been loving the most from my numerous excursions to Sephora?

I won’t lie, I’m a little bit addicted to the Sephora sheet masks. Every single month, I stock up on a few. Although sheet masks don’t feel do all that  much for your skin, I still love them. They help to make my skin feel really fresh and plumped up with an added moisture boost.

My number one makeup product this year was the stunning Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette. I’d been eyeing it up for months. Covering myself in swatches of it every time I’d pop into Sephora. The shimmery shades so pigmented, I couldn’t believe it. The mattes are buttery (what does that even mean!?) and blend so beautifully. I’ve found myself falling in love with makeup again because of this palette.

What I drink out of

I didn’t realise how a water bottle could change my life, but it has. A metal water bottle is something everybody should have, especially if you live in the desert or love cold water. I hate lukewarm water, I think it is so gross. Living in the desert where it can reach up to 50 degrees means you end up drinking a lot of lukewarm water. But not with a metal water bottle! I was amazed when I left my bottle in the car at 40 degrees and came back hours later to still freezing cold water!

Also, it helps you be more sustainable which is always a bonus!

Things I’ve been wearing

My Orianna Cross Body Bag from Nine West has been truly cherished this year. I wasn’t sure how much use I could get out of a yellow handbag, but it was worth every penny. It’s an absolute beauty which jazzes up even the most boring jeans and tee combo.

A close contender for favourite item would be my patent red boots from ASOS. They are so bloody beautiful. I just wish it was cooler in Dubai so I had more opportunities to wear them.

What I’ve been watching

Everyone and their mum loves Queer Eye, understandably. I would even go as far as saying that it wasn’t just my favourite show of the year, but perhaps ever! This is a big statement for me because I didn’t think anything would ever rival my beloved One Tree Hill. Queer Eye is like receiving a huge, warm hug of love and positivity that everyone needs in their life. Plus, Johnathon Van Nes is my absolute idol and you bet I changed my Netflix profile icon to him in honour.

Becoming a plant lover

2018 was a momentous year. It was the year I kept plants alive. And not just a cactus! I’ve become slightly addicted to buying plants for my room. Especially from The Habitat in Dubai because they sell the loveliest planters alongside. My plants are thriving and living happy lives in my bedroom. I even took part in a terrarium workshop where I got dirt under my nails and created my own little ecosystem!

There we have it! My favourite things from throughout 2018. Let me know in the comments what you loved last year?

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