10 Things That Make Me Happy

The modern world is oversaturated with negativity. From the latest idiotic Trump comments and online trolls to global warming disasters and diet culture. Things can sometimes seem a little bit shit – and they can be. That’s why it is so important for us to spread some positivity where we can. In that theme, here are ten things that make me happy:

  1. The seaside – There is nothing that makes me happier than the seaside. Breathing in salty air, listening to the waves crashing and watching candyfloss sunsets. I mean I don’t even mind the seagulls (which are demonic in Brighton).
  2. Cosy Nights – An evening when Deliveroo is ordered, my boyfriend is hanging out with me, Queer Eye is ready to play and I’ve got fresh PJs on – yes please.
  3. The Stone Roses – No other band can make me feel what The Stone Roses do. The first few seconds of any song can make me feel so overwhelmed with happiness that sometimes I shed a few tears.
  4. A Roast Dinner – Is there anything better than a plate full of veggies, stuffing and Yorkshire puds, all smothered in piping hot gravy? Definitely not.
  5. Starting A New Book – As soon as I’ve finished a book, I’m always thrilled at the opportunity to dive into a whole new world and set of characters.
  6. Exploring New Places – I love traveling and exploring new places. Getting lost in a new place, mooching in little streets and immersing myself in a new culture.
  7. My Journey – We forget to praise ourselves a lot, but we should always appreciate our journeys. I’ve battled my mental health, graduated from university, moved to Dubai and started my career. I’m so proud and happy of everything I’ve achieved.
  8. Aperol Spritz – Yes, Aperol is the new basic bitch drink. Do I care? Nope. Nothing beats enjoying a sunny afternoon with a glass of orangey goodness.
  9. Cinema Dates – A large caramel popcorn, Pespi slush and a good film is the best combination ever. In the last year, I’ve fallen in love with going to the cinema. There is nothing better than the excitement of a brand new film on the big screen.
  10. Cats – Any cat, anytime, anyplace will always fill me with happiness. They are fluffy, full of attitude and so cute. People who don’t like cats confuse me so much.

So these are a few things that make my life a much brighter and more sparkly place. Help spread some more positivity and let me know what makes you happy in the comments.



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