2018: A Year In Review

The end of the year is fast approaching, as in speed-of-light fast. I don’t know quite how we’ve almost reached the end of 2018 but here we are. Last year was full of momentous occasions. I graduated university. I had to consider what my future held. Then I moved countries. These were all incredibly exciting and transformative events in my life. They shaped my life, not just for this year, but the rest of it.

Whilst planning this post, I was thinking about the best moments of 2018. I looked back at the post I did last year of my best moments. Compared to the previous one, this year of my life could be considered insignificant. My life didn’t shift or alter dramatically. I began to feel like I’d failed. As though I had wasted my time and not done enough.

Yes, this year was different but that doesn’t mean it was a failure. It was an incredible year. I felt like I’ve really settled into myself. As clichéd as it sounds, I feel like I found myself. My groove of life and place in the world. It was a steady and grounded year where I could settle into my life. Plus, some tremendously brilliant moments happened along the way.

Exploring more of the UAE

As I’ve settled into myself more, I’ve been discovering more of my new home. From pretending I’m cultured at The Louvre to stuffing my face at new cafes, I’ve explored so much Dubai and beyond has to offer. As much as I love the malls, it’s been incredible to explore more outside of them. I’ve found some of my favourite spots this year including The Louvre, The Collective by Ripe, and Friends Avenue Cafe.

However, my fave part of the year in Dubai was a staycation at Atlantis. It was such an indulgent, luxurious experience that I’d never imagined I could afford. I have a real love for hotels with fluffy white robes, room service and the comfiest beds known to man. But it was made even better with two days in a waterpark, trip to the aquarium and the most delicious meal at Bread Street Kitchen.

Stepping onto the career ladder

You’ll be thinking that starting a career is a pretty life-changing step. But technically I’d started this in 2017 with a very nervous leap onto the career ladder as I started my internship. At the start of 2018, I was given a full time role as an actual employee. As with the other aspects of my life, I feel like this year I settled into my job. I’ve started a career in an industry I adore. My role has flourished and grown. I’ve slipped up and made mistakes but I feel like I’ve proved and established myself within my job.

A visit home

After ten months away from England, a visit was well overdue. So I booked myself a plane ticket and headed home. I have never been particularly patriotic about old Blighty. With the terrible weather, rubbish politicians and wonders like Katie Hopkins, who could blame me? But, stepping off that plane, it hit me how much I missed my home.

I spent two weeks visiting all my most beloved spots and eating all of the best food. I was reunited with all my loved ones, including a Tango Iced Blast. It was really wonderful to spend time with everyone I love plus getting to explore the countryside and feeling a breeze after months in the desert was glorious.

Tropical paradise

Bali was undoubtedly one of the best parts of this year. I fell head over heels in love with this beautiful tropical paradise. I won’t go on too much about this trip because I wrote an absolutely gigantic post all about it which you can read here. But spending a week on such a magical island with my two best friends was something I will never forget. Bali reignited my love of travelling and I can’t wait for 2019 to be full of even more adventures.

Although there were no hugely significant events happening this year, it was an incredible one. I shouldn’t consider it a failure. It was full of difficulties, tests and tears. But also love, happiness and laughter. This is all we can hope for with each year. That we have had some wonderful moments that make everything else seem not as bad.

So there are the best moments of 2018. When looking back, it really was a wonderful year. It was full of laughter and love. I lived life to the fullest this year by taking every opportunity I could and working hard. What have been your highlights of 2018?

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