Monthly Favourites #4

Let’s pretend that we aren’t already halfway through August because here are my monthly favourites from July. What a bloody good month July was. I spent two weeks back in the UK, catching up with everyone, eating everything and spending way too much money at Primark (oops!). So let’s see what things I enjoyed during July!

A bloody good rom-com

At university, I felt like the only books I should be reading were the ~classics~. After finishing my degree, I’ve started to read anything and everything I want to. Sometimes, that just means a gloriously heartwarming piece of chick lit.

I’d seen The Note by Zoe Folbigg popping up in my Amazon recommended for a while and finally got round to giving it a read. I can’t get over how lovely this book was. It was a hopelessly romantic tale that captivated me immediately. I loved how the narratives were intertwined and the main characters kept missing each other. Even if you think you are an ice-cold cynic, this book will make you believe in fairytales and true love.

Give me all the food

Apart from seeing everyone I love, the thing that I was more excited for when I went home? Food, duh. For two whole weeks I went about stuffing myself with every delicious morsel I could find. Brighton is known for being a wonderful treasure trove for foodies. I was ecstatic to be back so I could visit some old favourites but also to try out some new places.

I finally got to visit Boho Gelato and, boy, was I glad I did. Their flavours are ever-changing unique concoctions ranging from pornstar martini and sour cherry to saffron and carrot cake. The main reason I went was to try their carrot cake ice cream but I also couldn’t resist trying a scoop of custard cream. I could have eaten ten more scoops of each because they were so delicious.

Thanks to the opening of their second Brighton branch, I got to visit La Choza again. Anyone who knows Brighton will be aware of the infamous La Choza. Superbly bright and colourful interiors combined with the most incredible Mexican goodness you’ve ever eaten. The food is full of fresh flavours and the ‘Queso Fundido’ was the most wonderfully cheesy I’ve ever eaten.

Treat your ears

Well wasn’t July a delightful month for music? Florence and Drake both released new albums at the end of June, which made for some great listening. Although I’m totally over ‘In My Feelings’ after listening to my sister constantly singing ‘Kiki do you love me?’. My july 2018 playlist is full of some incredible music from Chance the Rapper to Miles Kane and Mahalia to Ben Howard.

Abstract heaven

It just so happened that my trip to the U.K. coincided with the time I need to get my nails done. So I booked in at Nail Crew in Brighton after having stalked their Instagram for months. I gave full creative control to Karma to create me a beautiful mani and I couldn’t have been happier with the result! Dreamy abstract nails with a hint of gold foil, yes please. Plus, Karma was the loveliest person ever which made the experience even better.

Primark goodies

It’s safe to say that I did some damage at Primark when I went home. We are talking three separate trips spending about £40 each time! Aside from the usual stock up on hairbands and bobby pins which vanish into a mysterious blackhole, I picked up a couple of bargains which I’ve been loving. Firstly, the cutest pair of sliders ever. As someone who lives in 40+ degrees heat, sliders are my daily shoes. All summer, I’ve been searching for some gingham sliders and these are so cute.

I love tacky earrings. Big, bold and colourful? Yes please. Sometimes, you need something a little bit more toned down. These two pairs are gorgeous, even though everyone seems to hate the pink ones, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop!

Let me know what you think?