Are Life Goals Important?

For me, one of life’s most simply pleasures is planning and organising. Going on holiday? Let me make the itinerary and research excessively. Almost Christmas? Time to go buy all the presents and spend hours wrapping them. Busy at work? Create a to do list with tick boxes. Nowhere near getting married? Planned my dream wedding already on Pinterest. Nothing makes me feel happier and calmer than a list or researching something.

Yet, when it comes to my life, do I have a plan? Not in the slightest. I don’t even know what I’m planning for dinner tonight. Actually, that’s a lie because I’m having a lovely pesto pasta but you get the point. I’ll be honest thought, I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going with my life right now. Let alone having a five year plan all mapped out. This is difficult though because I am consistently plagued with existential crisis about why I’m here and what my purpose in life is.So maybe it’s time I have a think about my ~life goals~. I mean it’s always good to have something to work towards, even a small personal goal. I’m forever going to opt for ‘going with the flow’ because life works in mysterious ways and will always put you on the path you should be on. But for now, here are a few things I’d quite like to achieve in the next.

Move in with my boyfriend


Within the next few years, I’d really like to be living back in Brighton with Nick. As much as I love my parents and appreciate them letting me crash their nice life in Dubai, I can’t wait to move out and be independent again with a space to call my own. Moving in with Nick would also mean moving back to Brighton and the end of the long distance – both of which sound heavenly. Also, it’ll mean trips to Ikea to buy all the homeware for a flat!

Own a corgi

Yes, it is a silly goal. But have you even seen how cute corgis are?! I am obsessed with corgis so much. I probably follow way too many corgi-related Instagram accounts. They are such fluffy, stumpy and smiley little creatures. Plus, they look like loaves of bread when they lie down. Who wouldn’t dream of owning a corgi?Work for a cool digital marketing agency

I really enjoy working in digital marketing. I feel like I’ve really found my groove. It’s a job which has the perfect balance of needing to be creative and organised, which works for me. My goal is to continue working in digital market, but I’d love to work for a really cool agency eventually. The type of place which has dogs in the office and a prosecco cart on Fridays. A girl can dream.

Write a book

Ever since I could hold a pen, I’ve always been writing. It started off with a story about a superhero dog called Superdog (imaginative, right?) then became zombie novels and now it’s my blog. Writing has always been thing I’ve been passionate about. I mean, I even enjoyed writing my dissertation. One day, if I found the right thing to inspire me, I’d love to write  a novel.

Travel more

An obvious one, but an important one nonetheless. There are so many incredibly interesting and vibrant places to explore across the world. I want to make sure I take as many opportunities to discover them as possible. I don’t want to look back and think ‘I just wish…’. The things top of my wanderlust list? Keep your eyes peeled for another post all about that soon….

There we have it. A few things that I’d love to achieve or do in my lifetime. Some big life goals and some smaller. I might do them all, I might do none and that’s ok. That’s just the way life works. As I said, I’ll always just roll with it and go where life takes me.

What are some of your life goals?



Let me know what you think?