The Small Experiences That Shaped Me

During our lives there are the experiences that completely shape and mould the person you are. Sometimes, these are small things. Experiences that, at the time, don’t exactly feel significant like riding a bike for the first time or baking a cake. Then there are those massive events that shake up the path of yourRead more

Let’s Catch Up On June

Welcome back! I was on a blogging hiatus whilst I was travelling and then getting back to the routine of normal life. However, I’m back and ready for business with a bunch of drafted posts. Seeing as I’ve been away for a little while, let’s have a catch up of all the things I’ve beenRead more

Yearly Favourites: 2018

Considering the monthly favourites I started have been haphazard to say the least, I thought perhaps a yearly favourites could be more consistent. Well it couldn’t be any less consistent than my monthly favourites! So let’s do a rundown of my favourite things throughout this year from makeup and music to plants and movies. TheRead more

Monthly Favourites #4

Let’s pretend that we aren’t already halfway through August because here are my monthly favourites from July. What a bloody good month July was. I spent two weeks back in the UK, catching up with everyone, eating everything and spending way too much money at Primark (oops!). So let’s see what things I enjoyed duringRead more