I’m Addicted to My Phone

Day by day, my attention span and patience seem to be getting shorter. Honestly I think I might be turning into a goldfish because I can’t focus for longer 20 minutes. And my patience is definitely much thinner than any part of my body.

I want everything to happen straightaway. But why?

Everything is on demand

With a touch of a button, we have access to everything. There’s no more waiting a whole week between TV episodes, because we binge-watch a season and half in that time. Waiting more than four days for your next ASOS haul is tortuous because, urm, next-day-delivery? We don’t have to wait months for a DVD to finally come out, because we can just download it before it’s even finished in the cinema.

Everything we could ever want is on demand.

Waiting is a thing of the past

I’m just not used to waiting anymore. Dial-up internet seems like an ancient and archaic thing to me when I’ve nearly always had access to WIFI. Even my memories of having no internet access at school and having to wait until I could get home and use MSN seem like the distant past. It just sounds weird that there was a time when we couldn’t instantly WhatsApp our friends or Google something we want to know. I’m a child of the Internet generation, patience is not in my DNA because I’ve never had to wait. Thanks to the little devices that we are glued to (myself included), we are all used to things happening now.


Slow your brain down

I don’t want to be a slave to my phone. I spend far too long double-tapping on Instagram or reading endless tweets about the latest drama. Especially with a job that revolves around social media. I am online all day long. If I’m not scrolling through my newsfeeds, then I’m doing it for work. I’ve become addicted to my phone. It’s time for me to work on taking time away from it.


No matter how much I love world of blogging and social media, I need to step away from it sometimes. And trust me, I love the world that the Internet has to offer. I love that the Internet can help you find a little community (it always has, I still have friends from my Tumblr days) to uplift you and share your passions with. I’m in awe of the ability to debate and discuss important topics on social media. I mean, if I didn’t love the Internet then I’d not be working in it.

However, I’m vowing to spend more time everyday away from my phone. I will spend the time writing, going to the gym, colouring and reading. Anything that will take me away from the online world. I hope that by doing activities like these, I can ground myself more.


I want to be more present in my life. You know those moments when you end up on social media in the middle of a conversation and don’t even understand why? I want less of those moments. I just want to be more patient, grounded and focused in the things I’m doing. Hopefully by choosing to spend less time on my phone or laptop, I can slow my brain down and achieve that.

Let me know what you think?