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Photo cred: Ellie Merridale

Recently, emerging indie band Blushes released the first single, Skin, from of their debut EP. Private Viewings is to be released later this month with a EP launch at Craufurd Arms (Milton Keynes) on the 22nd April. I got to chat to them about the EP, their influences and experiences as a band…

For readers who haven’t heard of Blushes, what would describe your musical style as and who influences you most as a band?

Tiffany Marie (vocals/synth bass): I struggle with this… I feel like we are such a musical cocktail! We have different interests and mix it together to create what we do.

Brad Ayres (vocals/guitar): We are lots of things all mixed up. Tracks like Medusa and Crocodiles are very much indie, whereas tracks like To The Bone are more funky. Influences… I’d say Tame Impala, Foals and Little Dragon.

Sonny Ford (guitar): I’d describe us as delicious indie rock, it’s very hard to pin point a genre. As for who inspires me, Radiohead had a big impact on how I see and write music.

Jacob ‘Cob’ Price (drums): There’s a lot of R&B influence, as well as trying to create a groove and using jazzy chords. I think dream pop could cover us in the broadest sense, texture wise.

So you’re about to release you debut EP, talk us through the tracks and what has inspired the EP?

Brad: The recurring theme throughout is love. One way or another each track is a different to love.

Cob: It’s comprised of songs we’ve wanted to record for a long time, but haven’t had the freedom until now! Romance is the largest theme: it encompasses the scale of infatuation from one night to a lifetime.

Tiff: The EP is quite an emotional party, it’s got funkyness but also a serious and heartbreaking side. Kind of like a classic night out! I think the EP has mainly been inspired by the honesty of personal love stories and battles.

Photo cred: Ellie Merridale

As a band, what has been your best gig or experience so far?

Brad: Personally, I loved Greenstone festival last August. It was full of genuine people who all love music and it just created a really nice atmosphere.

Sonny: Supporting Glass Peaks at Camden Assembly was a biggy for us. It was the first time we had a proper backstage! You could just sense the buzz in the air.

Tiff: I think it was two or three gigs in when I realised it wasn’t just a bit of fun anymore. It just felt so right!

Cob: The EP process!

Who would be the dream to share a stage with?

Tiff: I have no shame in this, but Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera.

Cob: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) maybe. That’d be weird.

Brad: Yeah, like Cob said, Childish Gambino. He is a completely genius, it would be as close as sharing the stage with God in my opinion.

Sonny: Johnny Marr, any day, the man’s a magician.

Can you give readers some new music recommendations?

Brad: Anderson .Paak, Raury, Vulfpeck.

Tiff: I mean it isn’t that new but I’m constantly listening to  Fade to Grey by Anteros.

Sonny: Ooooh that’s a tricky one because there’s so much! One band I keep going back to is The Bulletproof Bomb, they’ve got a real raw punky energy  with a indie rock element.

Cob: Okay, I’m just gonna vomit names here, there’s so much! Vulfpeck, The Aquadolls, Pinegrove, Signals, Forever Cult, Good Tiger.

And finally, what can we expect for you guys in the rest of 2017?

Sonny: A lot of gigs and music!

Cob: We are not gonna stop any time soon! We will be putting out as much as we can.

Tiff: A lot of bloody hard work, sweat and tears! As well as much more confident vibe to our music as we become comfortable in our direction.

Brad: Lots of shows! MERCH! LOVE! Maybe a cat or two…


Private Viewing is set to be launched on the 22nd April, tickets for the launch party are available here.
The first single for Blushes’ debut EP, Skin, can be found on iTunes or Spotify.


Follow the band’s social media for updates on music and gigs:
Facebook: @catsandblushes
Twitter: @blushesband
Instagram: @dontmakemeblushes

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