Monthly Music: March 2017

monthly music: march 2017

monthly music: march 2017

I took a little break from posting my monthly playlists because I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to carry on writing about them. However, I really love these posts and sharing the music I’ve been digging this month. So I am back with a new playlist for you!

Chess / Seafoal

I think I am a little obsessed with Seafoal! Chess is a single from their upcoming EP and I love it. The funky electronic sounds combined with Seafoal’s dreamy vocals, but the empowering and sassy lyrics of this track are what I love the most.

Olympia / Sundara Karma

I’m totally partial to a bit of indie-pop anyway, but Sundara Karma’s debut album is on another level. There is something so intoxicating about their sound. I can’t get enough of the entire album, but Olympia is one of the stand-outs because of that youthful vibe, catchy lyrics and impressive vocals.

Everybody Knows / The Creases

I was definitely having a moment with new indie bands this month. Next up is a completely dreamy indie track by The Creases. The shoegaze vibe, crashing youthfulness and dynamic drums of Everybody Knows makes it so incredible.

Good Girls / LANY

Good Girls is so effortlessly cool! Yet remains so textured, atmospheric. I can’t get enough of the dynamic R&B vibes and heartfelt lyrics of this track.

Drugs / FaltyDL (feat. Rosie Lowe)

The vocals of Rosie Lowe are so smooth and sugary-sounding and combined with the abstract electronic sounds of FaltyDL make a completely stunning track. Drugs is so incredibly multi-layered but still flawless with almost bittersweet lyrics.

Regret in Your Tears / Nicki Minaj

The Nicki Minaj singles sparked my interest and instantly I fell in love with Regret in Your Tears! There is an almost dancehall sound to this track which makes it so funky. Yet the lyrics that supposedly deal with her recent breakup are quite raw and heartbreaking.

Cigarettes & Cush / Stormzy (feat. Kehlani)

With Stormzy’s debut album, Gang Signs and Prayers, being released at the end of February, it was undeniable that he had to feature in this month’s playlist. Cigarettes & Cush is one of my favourites! Like many of the other tracks on the album, it showcases another side of Stormzy’s sound. With gentle piano melodies and tender harmonies that are less energetic than his usual grime sound, but equally as passionate, this track is stunning.

8TEEN / Khalid

The soulful, melodic voice of Khalid is something else, but combined with the fresh electronic make 8TEEN so hypnotic. There is a nostalgic sound to the lyrics that are an ode to youth and freedom! I can’t get enough of this track.

Beautiful Little Fools / Jorja Smith

I am obsessed with the soulful 90s vibe of Jorja Smith. Plus the slight feminist undertones of this track obviously makes me love it! Beautiful Little Fools is effortlessly stunning whilst feeling completely heartfelt.

Skin / Blushes

Ahead of their new EP, Blushes released the single Skin and I can’t get enough of it. It starts with a slightly unrefined and raw vibe before crashing into a mesmerisingly seductive indie sound.


So go ahead, treat your ears to this playlist that is full to the brim of dreaminess:

Let me know what you think?