A Year In Music: 2017

We are saying goodbye to 2017, as in tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of the year… How has that happened?! This year has disappeared in a blink of an eye. But let’s not dwell on how bloody quickly that’s happened! What better way to say goodbye to 2017 than with another round up of this year’s music?

Albums of the year

Now, I found this so difficult to narrow down! There were so many incredible albums released this year…

Wolf Alice / Visions of Life:  Everyone will know that I have an ongoing love affair with this band. Any music they release, I instantly fall head over heels for it. Visions of Life was no different. The album flits from the gritty, piercing Yuk Foo to the synth-pop love ode that is Don’t Delete the Kisses.

Wolf Alice
Photo: Laura Allard Fleischl

Sundara Karma / Youth is Only Fun in Retrospect: Sundara Karma filled my need for a new indie rock discovery this year. The album is gloriously so, but still sounds so fresh with the wonderful lyricism about the journey of youth.

Haim / Something to Tell You: This album is so effortless in it sound, that there is something glossy about it. But the depth behind it’s exploration of love, and all that comes, with it is wonderful. This soft-rock album is intoxicatingly good.


Singles of the year

Safe to Swim / Struggling: This is a completely mesmerising track which absorbs you. It is an assured but still raw and unrefined sound which makes it wonderful.

Safe to Swim

Ray BLK / Doing Me: According to Spotify, this was my most played song of the entire year. That’s hardly surprising because I rinsed this track. With it’s smooth R&B vibes and lyrics about ignoring other’s, this song is perfect.

EP of the year

Blushes / Private Viewing: Ahead of their debut release, I interviewed Blushes and, boy, did they produce a good EP! They described it as a ‘musical cocktail’ and it’s true.

New discoveries

Bakar: After hearing Big Dreams, I was hooked with Bakar! I spent months refreshing his Spotify page to see if he’d released anything new. Then when he released Small Town Girl, I fell in love all over again. His sound is so incredible with soft indie vibes, eloquent lyrics that resonate and a totally unique voice.

Dream Wife: Slightly angry girl music? Yes please. Dream Wife crashed into my life this year and provided me with something I didn’t realise I was missing. Their roaring vocals and grungey guitars are everything I need in life.

Dream Wife
Photo: Hollie Fernando

Gig of the year

We all know how much I loved seeing The Stone Roses live. I mean, I have gone on about it a bloody lot! That gig would probably be my favourite of the entire year. But, a-very-close second would be the Slaves gig on Brighton Pier. It was everything you’d expect from Slaves. Dramatic, energetic and crashing (not just when the pier almost collapsed).


This year was definitely good one for music. I got to see my favourite band, discovered some incredible new talents and treated my ears to lots of good things. Let’s hope that 2018 gives us music that’s just as good, or even better. Happy New Year’s Eve to you all, have a wonderful evening however you’re spending it!

Let me know in the comments, what music did you love this year?

Hannah x

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