Monthly Music: April 2017

Dream Wife, Pixey, Ten Tonnes, Safe to Swim

Dream Wife, Pixey, Ten Tonnes, Safe to Swim

Once again, I’m back with my Monthly Music to share all the new gems I’ve been absolutely loving this month. This playlist has been the only thing to help me through spending almost all of my Easter holiday in the library, so hope you love it as much as I do! 

Somebody / Dream Wife

Kicking off this month is a girl-gang vibe with Dream Wife’s latest single. I love the combination of delicious pop and 90s grunge sounds. As well as the totally girl power lyrics!

Young / Pixey

I am so in love with Pixey’s debut single and her sound! There is something so dreamy about this track and the way the lyrics captures youth. The feel-good vibe is perfectly pop.

Silver Heat / Ten Tonnes

I’ve featured Ten Tonnes on a previous playlist and Silver Heat is another example of how great Ten Tonnes is. This track is pure indie goodness; the lyrics are stunning whist the riff is slightly punchy.

Struggling / Safe to Swim

I can’t stop listening to this track by Brighton band, Safe to Swim, because it is so flawless. The slightly raw and unrefined vocals are something else! With a grungey but mesmerising sound, this track absorbs you entirely.


Every time I listen to this track, it captures me and I fall in love with it all over again! Night Tears has an effortlessly cool vibe to it whilst remaining layered and complex.

You / Weird Milk

There is something about this track that reminds me of The Last Shadow Puppets! The silky smooth harmonies, the intoxicating and seductive sound, and the bittersweet lyrics all make You incredible.

Cool Kids / KWAYE

I can’t get enough of the funky electronic sound that mixes with an R&B vibe on this track. There is something blissfully dreamy about the lyrics that feel like an ode to youthfulness!

Pork Soda / Glass Animals

Glass Animals have featured so many times on my monthly playlists because everything they release is amazing and Pork Soda is the exact same. It is has such a laidback R&B sound that mixes with funky snythpop vibes! This track is just something else.

Jumpin / Kaiydo

Fruit Punch by Kaiydo is probably one of my favourite songs ever and I was so excited to see a new release. Jumpin does not disappoint in the slightest! Kaiydo is different from most rappers I’ve listened to, the energy of this track feels unrefined and fresh but there is something so flawless about the production of it.

HUMBLE / Kendrick Lamar

Obviously, I couldn’t finish this playlist without featuring this gem by Kendrick! It crashes into a raw and stripped-back reminder of remembering where you come from. Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are always a masterpiece. I am obsessed with this track, and the whole of DAMN. 

If you fancy treating your ears to some brilliant new gems, the Spotify playlist is here:

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