International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow ladies! Today is about celebrating how marvellous we are as women, and our achievements because we are. I might be completely biased (who cares!) but women are so amazing. The strength we have is incredible, we are constantly fighting and doing the most wonderful things. 

However, this day is still incredibly important, even in the 21st century because women all over the world are facing oppression and inequality.  You might not feel that you face any of this, but please remember our trans sisters, queer sisters, sisters of colour and lower class sisters! Especially when we considered the backward politicians we are dealing with. I mean can Trump and Putin just fuck off back to whatever caves they crawled out of…? And even Theresa May for the matter, you’re not exactly helping us British gals out!

It is so important for us support each other, raise each other up and remain united. We need to use our voices to be heard. We need to use our privilege to help other women be heard. We need to encourage other to do whatever we want. We need to remember sisterhood rather than getting caught up in competing with each other and putting each other down. We need to help each other out more.

To show how bloody brilliant we can be, I have put together a playlist with my favourite female artists or female fronted bands! All these women are rocking their womanhood and we should be doing that more. So treat your ears to some of classic girl power tracks, but also some of amazing new recommendations:


Let me know what you think?