20 things I’ve learnt whilst being 20

Last week, I turned 21 and finally entered adulthood, apparently. Although that is really debatable because I’m still the height of an 11-year-old boy! In the last year, I have learnt a hell of a lot. In the words of Kylie Jenner: it was the year of realising stuff. So I thought I’d share with you, the 20 things I have learnt whilst being 20. 

  1. Eyeshadow
    I have finally learnt to eyeshadow well. It has taken a long time, a lot of blending and sometimes looking like I’d been punched in the eye but I’ve got there. I’m not quite a cut crease queen yet, but I can do a banging gold smokey eye.
  2. Body confidence
    This was definitely the year that I begun my journey to body confidence and I’m loving it. I’ve realised that I don’t care whether I’m a bit bigger than all my mates, because I look great still.
  3. Coffee
    I finally like coffee. I have to drink it with a load of caramel syrup in it, but I get the obsession with coffee.
  4. Coffee x 2
    But I also learnt that I should not drink a coffee the size of my head because my housemates cannot understand a word I’m saying when I speak at lightening speed on a caffeine high.
  5. Heels
    I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be able to wear heels and walk gracefully. Heels and I will never go together successfully, so please Hannah save yourself another sprained ankle and give them up!
  6. Positivity
    Trying to focus on the positives when you’re in a low or grumpy mood is difficult, but don’t dwell on the negatives. Think about the good things so you can try and pick yourself up out of that mood.
  7. Stripey tops
    Ellie Reynolds is probably right when she tells you that you don’t need a stripey top from H&M that is identical to your 7 other stripey tops. It will also save you some money, so listen to that gal.
  8. Veggie lasagna
    I am the queen of making veggie lasagna for my housemates.
  9. Negative opinions
    The opinions of some people are actually so unimportant. Take constructive criticism, but don’t listen to someone who is just slagging you off.
  10. Just go to the library
    No matter how tired you feel, I can guarantee that you will feel so much worse if you bunk off the library or uni. Just get on with it!
  11. Mental health
    Put this first always, that doesn’t make you selfish! Also talk about this more, write about it, tweet about it, anything. Just make sure it’s being spoken about.
  12. Cheese and wine nights
    A cheese and wine night with your pals can make you feel so much better about life. Plus you’ll feel super sophisticated, even if it is only £4 wine! (If the gratz are reading this, let’s organise another soon please?!)
  13. Fat pants
    Stop relying on your fat pants on a night out! You can’t dance in them, you spend half the night yanking them up, and going to the toilet drunk is already a fuss without them. It’s totally ok to have a bit of belly showing or some chub on your back, nobody gives a toss about that!
  14. Don’t let things slide
    I’m not saying hold grudges, because that shit isn’t healthy! However, if someone is being ignorant, prejudice or just downright rude, then totally make them know that what they are doing is wrong and don’t let them think that behaviour is ok.
  15. Jägermeister is a no go
    As much as you love it, shots of jäger need to be kept to one. Otherwise you really will turn into a drunken little demon who cries and shouts are everything! (Sorry to the pals who have had to witness this, I’ve learnt now)
  16. Self care
    Self care is super important for you. If you’re having a low day, or your anxiety is playing up, then you need to take some time for you! Sometimes this will be having a bubble bath and cuppa tea. However, sometimes this means doing things you don’t want to do like tidying your room and doing that pile of washing up. Take some time to focus on sorting things that make you feel better.
  17. Being nice
    I’m so bored of seeing people slagging each other constantly. You don’t need to like everyone, but don’t be rude. Stop bitching about people and just be nicer about everyone. This is something I’m trying to do.
  18. Black boots
    You can never have enough pairs of black boots! There is a perfect pair for every occasion. (or I’ve convinced myself of this!)
  19. Make time
    I am probably the worst person ever when it comes to keeping in contact with people. I’ve learnt (thanks to my Nanna telling me off constantly) that I need to make time to speak to my family and friends!
  20. Have fun
    You’re at the point in your life where you have no major responsibilities so make the most of it! Say yes to more things because you deserve to have fun and be happy. Enjoy your life and make it all it can be.

Let me know what you think?