2016: Music

The end of the year is fast approaching, I mean it is January tomorrow?! (Let’s not discuss how quickly that has come about!!) 2016 has been one hell of a year for music with so many incredible new releases but also some of the most shocking loses to the musical world, so I thought I would write a round up of my thoughts on all the music of the year… 

Favourite albums of the year:

  1. Ariana Grande / Dangerous Woman – It wouldn’t be right to ignore the ultimate pop album of 2016. I have unashamedly been obsessed with this entire album throughout the year. It is complete dreamy pop goodness and I love it!
  2. Kings of Leon / WALLS – This is one of 2016’s releases that got me most excited! This album did not disappoint because it features that classic bluesy-rock sound that Kings of Leon have perfected as a band.
  3. Skepta / Konnichiwa – This album is such grime heaven and I couldn’t get enough of it this year. Each song is different, but there are some old Skepta vibes to a few, which I absolutely love.
  4. The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect -This album was pure perfection, the elaborate indie pop of The Last Shadow Puppets works beautifully in this alum.
  5. Frank Ocean / Blonde – One of 2016’s most anticipated albums and, boy, Blonde lived up to it. Every song sounds smooth, but also completely heartfelt.

Favourite new discoveries:

  1. Kaytranada – Without a doubt one of the best discoveries I made because I instantly became obsessed with everything about Kaytranada’s sound. It is so funky and groovy, but completely flawless.
  2. NAO – I am obsessed with the of soulful R&B vocals with funky electronic sound of NAO and she quickly became the sound to my summer.
  3. Kiko Bun – Everything about Kiko Bun is incredible. I love his sound, attitude and style! The reggae vibe of Kiko Bun is perfectly uplifting and I love it.

Most disappointing album:

The Weeknd / Starboy – I expected great things from this album, but only liked about two songs from it. Most of it replicated the same sound and there wasn’t enough progression at all. It wasn’t a bad album, it just wasn’t what I expected.

Best comeback:

The Stone Roses – Of course it would have to be my all time favourite band! I can’t explain the joy I felt when I heard that The Stone Roses were making a comeback. Although, All For One was slightly cheesy (I still loved it!), Beautiful Thing was everything I wanted with the dynamic psychedelic sound I love.

Best live act/gig:

Bestival – My first experience at Bestival has to win hands down. I’ve already written about how much I loved this festival (read here). Being with three of my best friends and running about listening to music was one of the best things to happen this year.

Favourite monthly playlists:

Monthly playlists was a new thing that I started this year, so I thought I’d pick my favourite. However, I couldn’t pick just one, so it had to be either August or November that were my favourites. Although, I would say that they are all pretty bloody fantastic.


Let’s hope that 2017 will be equally as good, or maybe even better for music! Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy whatever you are doing tonight x

Let me know what you think?