Monthly Music: November 2016

I think it is safe to say that I’ve been completely absent from blogging for the last couple of months! Firstly, let me apologise for that but third year is definitely as tough as everyone says and I’ve been buried under a mountain of work. However, I am back and ready to start writing! So I thought I’d make my comeback with new playlist for the month… 

Kicking off this month is Vivid Dreams by Kaytranada. I don’t know how many times I have listened to this track already, but I can’t get enough of it. There is something so funky and intoxicating about this track that makes it sound flawless!

Next up is my favourite of the three new singles that Drake has released. Fake Love is hypnotically catchy, like everything else by Drake, and I absolutely love it.

Mixing garage vibes and spoken word poetry, the new George the Poet track is perfect! There is an almost effortless, but still completely assured, sound to Wake Up. I am so completely obsessed with this track.

This Snakehips and Aanysa collab is something else! The vocals are dreamy. This song is so catchy and mesmerising. I can’t stop listening to it because it makes you feel so good!

Kungs has already featured on a monthly playlist with This Girl, which was probably the song I listened to the most over the summer! I was intrigued to hear the new track, Remain, and it hasn’t disappointed. There is such a chilled house sound to this track that I love.

The new Kings of Leon album is one of my favourites of the year and obviously I had to feature one song on my comeback playlist. Eyes on You epitomises the Kings of Leon sound that I love! The bluesy, gravely tones of Caleb’s vocals are the most beautiful thing ever.

One of my housemate’s introduced me to RAY BLK and I am completely in love with her now (so, thanks Els for that!). My Hood is beautiful constructed whilst still remaining slightly gritty. Both the lyrics of RAY BLK and Stormzy seem really raw, which I love.

I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with Dua Lipa! Every single she’s released this year has been total pop heaven. However, Room For 2 has a different tone, being more seductive and sophisticated compared to her usual playful sound. Despite the difference in sound, I am still completely obsessed.

So I discovered Liv Dawson whilst scrolling through the new releases on Spotify.  Her vocals are timelessly stunning; but there is such a fresh and dreamy sound to Open Your Eyes!

I’ve been in love Alicia Keys since her Fallin’ days, but her new music is beautiful on a whole different level. It is obvious that she has one of the most perfect voices ever, but the lyricism of Holy War is so heartfelt and stunning. This song makes me feel all the feelings and emotions!

If you fancy treating your ears to all this great music, have a listen below:

Let me know what you think?