* Review | Bestival 2016 *

Firstly, I should apologise because I’ve been a total ghost for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been super busy with getting stuff for third year ready which included moving into the cutest house with my favourite gals! Then on the weekend, I travelled all the way to the Isle of Wight with for lots of adventures at Bestival. So I thought I’d write up all my thoughts about my weekend at Bestival for you to have a read of… 

The set up


I thought I knew what to expect from Bestival because my dad took me to the family-friendly Camp Bestival when I was 11, but I was so wrong! Bestival is like nothing else I’ve been to. Everything is just completely surreal! There is a completely different vibe between Bestival and other festivals I’ve been to. Rather than being simply about music, there is so much to do and see. I mean, it is at every festival that you get to dance on picnic benches to cheesy tunes like Busted and S-Club in the woods? Or attend weddings that are held in an inflatable church? Or watch a funky Carnival-inspired parade? No way. Bestival is completely one of a kind in that sense!

The theme


When the theme for this year was announced, I was slightly disappointed because I thought 2015’s ‘Summer of Love’ was way better than ‘The Future is Here’. Mainly because I had no clue how I was going to do future themed fancy dress… However, on Saturday we stuck googly eyes on our faces (along with large amounts of glitter and gems) and pretended to be alien babes for the whole day! I actually loved the fancy dress day becauuse people put so much effort in and it was so much fun.

The stand out sets


So on Friday, I decided to give Skepta a second chance after the disappointment of Widlife and he totally made it up! Although I missed half of his set (because we got distracted by drinking!), the half that I saw was full of the raw energy I had expected from him. The crowd was loving it and he performed so much better this time!

Saturday was probably the best day for musically. Craig David’s TS5 was obviously incredible, because when is he ever bad?! Hearing 7 Days live was just spectacular, his vocals combined with everyone dancing and singing along was just amazing!

Then I dragged my friends along to watch Kiko Bun because I’d been saying how much I wanted to see him! Honestly, he was one of the highlights of the entire weekend. His set was the perfect reggae and chilled vibes to cheer us up after the torrential downpour of rain!

I only caught 10 minutes of The Cure because we got distracted, again, by cider! The part that I did see were so great. Robert Smith has one of the most stunning voices that I have ever heard. I wish I had seen more because their performance was so magical!

Unfortunately on Sunday, I was having a bit of a bad mental health day and missed Fatboy Slim completely. I was so gutted to miss him, but things happen! However, Kano and Mura Masa made the last day for me.


Overall, Bestival was insane. Apart from a few bad mental health moments, I had the best time ever and loved it! I can’t wait to go back again next year and cover myself head to toe in glitter (even if it is the most difficult thing to scrub off after).  Until next year, thanks for being amazing Bestival!

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