Travel Diary: Dubai Part Three

Palm trees, Dubai

The end of my adventure in Dubai is here and I’m travelling back to the ever-so-sunny UK tomorrow! I can’t believe that I have been away for well over a month because it has just flown by. Although I’m not ready to say goodbye to Dubai and its sun yet, I’m excited to get home and see my everyone (mostly my fluffy cats though). So I hope you enjoy the part of my Dubai travel diary…

Day trip to Oman


As I decided to stay out an extra three weeks, my 30-day travel VISA expired and we had to do a border run to Oman. Rather than just sort the VISA and come straight home, I asked my dad if we could make a day of it. Some family friends suggested we head to Sohar because the coast is stunning along there. However, we kept getting so lost and didn’t even get there. I mean, we drove along the roads and they just suddenly stopped! We did find an abandoned little beach with some derelict buildings along the way that was seriously cool to take photos of.

Moylos Burgers @ Jumeira


On the Saturday after that, my dad was insisting on find a good burger place for lunch. Then we discovered Moylos! I can’t explain how much I fell in love with this burger place. It was so hip and cool, it looked like it was plucked straight out of the Laines in Brighton. The food was unreal! I mean their truffle and parmesan fries are the most incredible thing I have ever eaten, I could happily live on them. I mean we all loved the burgers at Moylos so much that we went back for lunch again two days later! Neither time did I get a photo of the burgers because I was waaaaay too interested in eating them.

Brunch @ Bubbalicious


It was my dad’s birthday on Friday and we went for brunch at Bubbalicious. Apparently brunch is a big thing here and I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting! I will admit now that I was a tad hungover when we went for brunch. So unfortunately I failed to take full advantage of the unlimited food. However with unlimited champagne, watermelons full of vodka and whole room dedicated to cheese, I was very happy. It was so much fun and I’m now a huge fan of brunch.

The Sustainable City


Now, I have to mention the community where my dad and stepmum are living because it is so cool! The Sustainable City is a residential complex that is focused upon being eco-friendly and renewable! Everywhere has solar panels and there are bio-domes which grow herbs right now but eventually fruit and veg too. It is so amazing to find somewhere that is so interested in being environmentally friendly!. It also helps that it is totally beautiful everywhere and that the pool is incredible!

Let me know what you think?