Mental Health Chats | Tips for bad days


No matter how far you’ve come in your battle with mental health, you are bound to have one of those days where you don’t quite feel as strong or great. It is completely fine because everyone has a bad day! Nonetheless, those days absolutely suck, so here are some tips that help me and might help you get through those days…

Don’t isolate yourself

The worst thing you can do to yourself is locking yourself away. I know that this is probably what you want to do the most! But trust me, you will feel so much worse for isolating yourself. You might not be able to hang out with your friends, but even just texting or calling someone is enough. Don’t force yourself to stay alone because the people in your life care and might be able to help you out of this bad patch.

Make sure you eat something healthy and drink some water

Eating healthily when you are feel rubbish is really hard. Well it is for me anyway because all I want is greasy pizza, chips and chicken nuggets! However, eating something a bit healthier will totally make you feel less sluggish. Plus make sure you drink lots of water because it’s important to rehydrate yourself, especially if you’ve had a bit of (or a huge) cry!

Pamper yourself

Self care is always important, but that’s especially true on bad days! Do something to pamper yourself. Take a warm bubble bath with some candles. Paint your nails. Do a face mask. Anything! Just take some time to make yourself feel better because you deserve it.

Fresh air

Getting some fresh air when you aren’t feeling too great is super important. Shutting yourself up in your room will make you feel so much worse! ¬†Fresh air will make you feel calmer and more energised. If you feel you aren’t able to go outside for a walk, just open your window and let some fresh air in. This is the one tip that I find difficult to remember on my bad days, but luckily I’ve got great housemates who force me to let some fresh air and light into my room. And trust me, even that will make you feel better!

Distract yourself

Distracting yourself from negative thoughts is so important. Doing something that you love can make you feel so much calmer! Whether that be reading a good book, watching a film you love or listening to your fave album. Keeping your mind occupied by actually doing something (especially something you enjoy) will keep some of those nasty thoughts at bay.

Remember tomorrow is another day

Don’t get caught up on the fact you’re having a bad day. It happens and it is fine! It does’t mean you are a failure, or anything silly like that. Bad days are part of your recovery. Just remember that tomorrow is a fresh day and it will probably be so much better than today was. But most of all, you survived today and that’s all that matters!


Love, Hannah x

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