Travel Diary: Dubai Part Three

Palm trees, Dubai

The end of my adventure in Dubai is here and I’m travelling back to the ever-so-sunny UK tomorrow! I can’t believe that I have been away for well over a month because it has just flown by. Although I’m not ready to say goodbye to Dubai and its sun yet, I’m excited to get home […]

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Travel Diary: Dubai Part Two

Me and my dad at Serendipity

I can’t believe I’ve been in Dubai for a whole month already…it has gone so quickly! Luckily, I have a whole three more weeks to continue exploring and appreciate the sun. The last two weeks have involved chilling by the pool, eating lots of incredible food and some sailing. So, if you fancy having a […]

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Travel Diary: Dubai Part One

Hannah Jayne and dad

Four months ago, my dad and stepmum moved halfway across the world to sunny Dubai. I was desperate to visit after not seeing them in (what felt like) forever so I decided on just a brief month-long visit and here I am in Dubai! Obviously, I couldn’t come all the way over here without blogging […]

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Paris 2015

Parisian cafe

I might not be the most well-travelled person ever, but I absolutely love exploring new places across the world and I want to make travel a bigger part of this blog. I think my love of travel was ignited by the overnight ferry trips over to Holland to visit family when I was little, however the summer just […]

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