Review: The Coal Shed

This post is about three weeks overdue! I am finally getting round to writing a review of my graduation meal. My lovely dad and stepmum let me choose anywhere I want to, so I decided to I wanted to try The Coal Shed in Brighton.

The restaurant, itself, is gorgeous. I loved the low hanging lights combined with all the mirrored glass!  They’ve managed to combine both an elegance with cosiness that make for the perfect dining experience because it feels special but it doesn’t feel stiflingly posh.

Obviously, we had to get a bread basket because bread and butter is life. The butter was absolutely delicious because it was whipped!? It’s probably a weird thing to rave about, but good butter is the way to my heart. I had already peeked at the menu online and knew that I was definitely going to have steak and chips. The beef dripping chips, oh my god! They were so crispy but gloriously fluffy on the inside. I definitely want a plate of them now. Then I went for the 35-day-aged sirloin steak. It was the most incredible steak I have ever eaten! They cooked it to perfection.

We then got some mac and cheese for the table to share. But honestly, I ate the majority of it. It had the best crunchy top but was so creamy and cheesy too! The mac and cheese was so spectacular. I would go to The Coal Shed and just order 6 mac and cheeses, it was that good!

As it was a celebration, of course I ordered a dessert! I chose the chocolate brownie with lemon curd and vanilla cream, when usually I’d go for a cheese based dessert! It was so delicious. The lemon curd was the tastiest thing ever!

The staff were, also, amazing because they made us feel really welcome and were super friendly. During our desserts, they sent over a piece of fudge with ‘congradulations’ underneath which was the most lovely gesture ever. Little things like that make an experience at a restaurant even better!

Overall, I would totally recommend The Coal Shed if you’re looking for an incredible steak or somewhere lovely for a celebration meal. Even though it is a tiny bit pricey, all the food is locally sourced and tastes delicious, which I think is totally worth paying a little bit extra for! You can check out The Coal Shed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (warning: the photos of their dreamy food will make you severely hungry!).

Let me know what you think?