The Body Diaries: Lauren

Last week’s edition of The Body Diaries was slightly different! It’s important that this series is honest and brutal about body image, so I shared my current struggles with body confidence. However, we are back to normal this week chatting all things being yourself and Instagram pressures with Lauren who has the most gorgeous tattoos, is a huge animal lover and just downright lovely!

Give my readers a little introduction to you. Who are you and what are you about?

Hey guys, my name’s Lauren. I’m 20, and just about to go into my second year at Bath Spa Uni studying TV, Film & Digital Production. I’m a veggie (trying to go vegan), food lover and dog lover, well animal lover in general really! I was so excited when Hannah asked me to be part of this series because body confidence and self-love is something I think is super important. It’s a journey I’m still going through and would love to share with other people!

How would you describe your relationship with your body?

If I’m honest with you, I have a very love/hate relationship with my body. Everyone has good and bad days! I’m definitely still trying to learn to love what I have (which is beautiful). I compare myself to what I see in the media and, especially, on Instagram. It’s definitely a bad habit of mine, but I know it’s something most people do, it’s just a hard one to stop! I really do believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I also think that body confidence and self-love is something which people don’t prioritise enough, which is sad because it’s super important to make sure we learn to love who we are and our individuality!

Tell me which 3 parts of yourself that you love the most?

My three favourite things about myself, hmm, the first one definitely has to be my tattoos! I would not be me without them and I can’t wait to add more to what I already have. The second one is probably my eyes/eyelashes. My eyes look different colours in certain light which I love, plus my long eyelashes are a blessing. The third thing is probably my bum!

How do you try and get over the bad days you have with your body?

Everyone has bad days with their body and appearance! When I’m feeling rubbish I usually go to the gym or do a workout, and then just remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way! I try to focus on the things I love about myself.

What is your go-to outfit that makes you feel like you’re the hottest person on earth?

I don’t dress up that often, I pretty much live in jeans, trainers and t-shirts! But I got to wear the cutest dress and heels for the end of year summer ball at uni. Annoyingly, it got absolutely trashed and is unwearable now, but I loved it.

What tips would you give your 12-year-old self about body confidence?

Don’t listen to what other people say about your appearance/body! Stay true to yourself and don’t force yourself to become someone you’re not just to fit in. Definitely try to remember that looks don’t mean anything, it’s who you are as a person that counts. So make sure you’re the best version of yourself! Also make sure you take me time!

You can find more of the wonderful Lauren, her gorgeous face and glorious tattoos on Twitter and Instagram!

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