Review: BeFries 

BeFries, Brighton

On Sunday, I finally went to one of Brighton’s newest food additions. (Well it’s not that new, I’ve just been slow to the game!) I love chips, like I really love chips. Yet what sold me on BeFries is that they sell Dutch mayo!!! My dad’s side of the family is Dutch and I always rave on about how much I love Dutch mayo.

The chips were so incredible. They are double fried which makes them super crispy but so fluffy and soft on the inside! The variety of sauces are amazing, with most of them being made right there in store. Even though we only chose two sauces (Dutch mayo and satay sauce, duh!) because we ate in store, they gave us so many others to try for free! I could not get enough of the garlic mayo, it was the best garlic mayo I’ve eaten.

I love the vibe of it, with industrial-style interiors and cute flowers on the wall. Also, the holes in the benches for the chip cones?! How genius! The staff were so friendly and enthusiastic. BeFries is great if you want something that is quick and under £10 but super tasty! I can’t recommend it enough. I am so in love and can’t wait to go back!

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