Giggling Squid | Review 

The Giggling Squid sign

On Saturday night, I took my second trip to Giggling Squid. My first trip was for my birthday with my boyfriend, but I was super ill and couldn’t even taste anything so I didn’t get to appreciate it. So when we went to the Hove restaurant on the weekend just gone, I was really looking forward to actually being able to taste it. Plus, I’m always up for some Thai food! 

Firstly, the service was amazing, the interior was so dreamy (think stained glass window and driftwood on the walls *insert love eyes emoji*), the food came super quickly and it was presented in the most lovely way!

We shared corn fritters and salt & pepper squid for starters. Both were stunning! Corn fritters are probably my favourite Thai dish because they are simple, but totally delicious. The salt and pepper squid, however, was the most incredible thing I’ve eaten! The squid wasn’t chewy in the slightest, it tasted so fresh and was cooked to perfection.

Then for main, I had what I always eat at a Thai restaurant, a massaman curry! I am absolutely love massaman curry, it’s so creamy and tasty (plus anything with potato is always a win for me). Then I shared sticky rice and noodles with my boyfriend. We are obsessed, completely, with the noodles! They’re just simple noodles with beansprouts, egg and spring onions, but there is something about these noodles that taste amazing.
All of the food, the service and the restaurant itself was so dreamy! Giggling Squid is probably my number one Thai restaurant in Brighton now (sorry Sabai Thai) because everything was just was cooked so perfectly. I would totally recommend Giggling Squid if you find yourself near one!

Let me know what you think?