Living A Slow Life

Your twenties are portrayed as this wildly glamorous time in your life. You’re supposed to always have some soirée to attend, be drinking tequila shots like water, staying up all night or bumping and grinding at a new club. And for some people, it is like this. Most of my friends live for the sesh. But it’s not for everyone.

Clubbing has never really been my thing. I have always been more interested in what delicious greasy food I could get on my way home. Every now and again, I’ll have a blast if I go out out. But every single week? No thanks. I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to work on three hours sleep and being hungover out my arse.

So I guess, I’ve always been a bit of a grandma. That’s why my stepmum has lovingly nicknamed me ‘Nanna Hannah’. I love going for country walks or mooching about a National Trust property. The thought of spending a night with a cup of tea and a book fills me with joy. Matching pyjamas, journalling and a brand new bath bomb sounds like all my Christmas have come at once.

Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love putting a face full of makeup and my glad-rags on to drink a fancy-ass cocktail. Exploring a new country or city is one of the best things. I’m usually that person who has to try the latest restaurant that’s opened. But, in general, I prefer to live at a slower pace.

I’ve always felt that this way of living makes me boring. What if my friends think I’m boring? But realistically, nobody cares. My friends know who I am and accept that I will always leave early or not go as crazy as them. And why should anyone care? I’m not stopping them from doing what they want. You do you gal. It doesn’t make me or my life boring. I’m still having an incredible time, enjoying everything I do and beyond happy. I just do it a slower pace, with more evenings in watching Love Island and drinking a cup of tea.

Does anyone else feel the same pressure to be living a crazy, wild lifestyle?

5 thoughts on “Living A Slow Life

  1. Love this post! I’m joining the twenties gang in October, I agree that its important to live your life how you want to live it, what’s the joy in wasting money on alcohol every week when you can spend it on something much much better?!

    1. Thanks lovely! Welcome to the twenties club (well soon anyway haha). So true, we are all different so we have to do what we enjoy most! X

  2. Totally agree, while I love packing absolutely as much into every day as possible while I’m traveling, (almost to the point of death-by-annoyance) I value time at home eating an entire pizza just as much. Especially if there’s a thunderstorm outside.

    You’re absolutely right, no one cares and the people that do can go chomp on a mustard sandwich.

    1. Yes! When I’m exploring somewhere new, I love to see as much as possible. It’s definitely about balance and living the best of both!

      Haha! A mustard sandwich 😂

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