Monthly Favourites #1

Hannah Jayne outfit photo boyfriend jeans

I’ve been having a little think recently, which can be dangerous when it turns into overthinking (the perks of anxiety!). This pondering has resulted in the start of Monthly Favourites rather than simply Monthly Music. There will still be music features! But, now there will be food, books, clothes and just about anything that takes my fancy during that month. So here are all the things I have been loving during August!

A very over-worn pair of jeans

These jeans from Select Fashion have quickly taken over from black skinny jeans as my most worn jeans! I was so scared to wear jeans like this for a long time, especially with a t-shirt tucked in. But after adopting my new atittude (which I rambled about here), I don’t care! They are so comfy and slouchy, but still look completely banging. I love how they can look so casual with slogan tees and trainers, but you can dress them up with heeled boots and a bardot-style top. People must be bored of seeing me wear these jeans constantly! Chubby babes like me shouldn’t be afraid that these jeans aren’t hiding lumps and bumps, just enjoy them.

Hannah Jayne outfit photo boyfriend jeansJeans: Select Fashion -sold out-
Similar jeans: 1 / 2 / 3
Top: H&M

All of the tunes

Wolf Alice / Don’t Delete the Kisses – This track is so ambient and dreamy! Ellie Roswell’s vocals are so beautifully subtle and flawless.

Weird Milk / All Night – The harmonies of this track are so tender and swirling.  All Night sounds like there is sunshine twinkling in your ears!

Weird Milk All Night music review
Weird Milk. Credit: Steve Gullick

Dream Wife / Fire – Brighton-based, check! All-girl, check! Insane raw energy, check! Dream Wife are explosively and wonderful, I love them.

Dream Wife Fire review music
Dream Wife – Fire

Rat Boy / Laidback – There is something so gloriously mellow about this track, I guess you could say it is ‘laidback’, but it still remains a heartfelt ode to love!

These are some of my favourite tracks at the moment, but I have entire playlist for summer 2017 that is full of even more glorious songs!

The book about girl’s with actual power.

Since graduating, and not having list of books that I have to read, I’ve struggled to choose something to read! The book I’m currently reading is so wonderful that I didn’t even have to choose it because I haven’t been able to put it down. Power by Naomi Alderman is one of the most spectacular books I’ve read. It is so engaging and captivating! I don’t know how Alderman manages to write so many contrasting narrative voices so fluidly, but it is amazing! If you only read one book this year, make sure it is Power because Naomi Alderman is incredible.

Let’s get cultured

I went to the Saatchi Gallery, for the first time ever, this month! The Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition was so incredible. I mean when art recognises the power of a selfie, I’m definitely going to dig it!

Also, I can’t get over the Libya: A Human Marketplace exhibition. The photographs were so powerful and raw that it was quite upsetting. This exhibition has a smack-you-in-the-face way of getting you to think about such an important issue.

Making a statement
Statement earrings Primark HM Hannah Jayne reviewEarrings – H&M / Primark

Rather than sticking to my go-to hoop earrings, I’ve been branching out with the earrings I’m wearing. I’ve become obsessed with statement earrings, especially those H&M earrings that every blogger loves! I’m talking tassels, anything large and classic Pat Butcher vibes. The tackier, the better!


Let me know in the comments what things you’ve been loving this month! Love, Hannah x

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