We Are 4,548 Miles Away From Each Other

So many times in the last few months, I’ve been asked the same question… ‘So how are you and Nick doing?’. I always have the same answer each time,  we are completely fine. It’s an understandable question though. After a year of being together, where we lived 20 minutes apart, we are now an eight hour plane journey away from each other. We are officially, a long distance relationship.

We have been used to seeing each other, a lot. Always spending weekends together, sometimes an evening during the week and the spontaneous trips to McDonalds at 11pm (mainly for me to stuff my face, Nick was just my driver). Just before I moved to Dubai, I was staying with his parents for 2 weeks. We practically lived in each other’s pockets for a while. I was used to having him around and close.

Maybe we haven’t been apart long enough yet, or maybe we just have it really easy because we are fine. Obviously, I miss him. And he best feel the same, although he probably doesn’t miss how annoying I am! But we aren’t finding long distance a huge struggle because of a few things…

Keeping busy

We are both really busy people right now. I’m working full-time, running this blog and settling into a new country. Nick is in third year, with a incredibly complicated dissertation (I don’t even understand what he is talking about). We are always doing something. Well, Nick is. I still spend a lot of time being a burrito with a blanket on the sofa! But, I think the fact that we are both so busy, is a partly why we are coping so well. We just don’t have a huge amount of time to think about being away from each other.

Staying connected

Once a day, we make sure we chat. We FaceTime most nights. Time difference and being busy can get in the way of this. You’d think four hours wouldn’t be difficult, but I love sleeping and an early night. We make an effort to chat though. It isn’t easy to constantly message throughout the day so getting to talk before I sleep is reassuring. Honestly, thank goodness for FaceTime because it’s a deal changer.

Make the most of it

Nick visited for ten days around Christmas. I promised to make the most of his holiday (which meant trying not to scroll pointlessly on social media like I usually do).  We totally made the most of the time he spent here. I was attached to his hip the entire time! I wanted as much quality time with him after our three months apart. It was so good to get my personal stylist and dinner date back!

Also, it’s easy to get caught up in the countdown. I’ve found myself thinking ‘we aren’t going to be apart for long’, ‘just a little while longer’ and ‘how much longer apart?’. But I think for me, it’s important to make the most of this time. It’s an amazing opportunity for me, which is why I’m here, so I should be making the most rather than constantly counting down the days. Especially now that we probably won’t see each other for six months…

Don’t get too aggy

I have it very easy because we have an incredibly laid back relationship. There is never drama, we rarely argue and we are both pretty chilled out people. I try not to get annoyed though, whenever we can’t talk or if I misinterpret something Nick says. It’s easy to get frustrated, especially when your period and hormones can turn you into a literal demon! But I try not to take it out on him. Being annoyed with Nick, just makes things so much harder.

I am lucky that Nick can put up with how needy I am. I am like a puppy, I need constant reassurance. And thank goodness, Nick always provides that, even if he does find it funny how I’m constantly asking questions like ‘do you still love me?’ and ‘promise you won’t dump me?’. At least, I know that I can get that reassurance when I need it.

We said goodbye at the end of December knowing that we might not see each other for six months! It was really hard to say bye this time and there were a lot of tears on my behalf. This whole long distance thing might get harder, (tbh it probably will get harder). Right now, though, we are coping really well and I think we’ll carry on coping well.

Are any of you in long distance relationships? If so, let me know in the comments how you are finding yours!

Hannah x

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