The Body Diaries: Hannah

Do you feel like you need a bit of a boost in your self-confidence? Are you struggling with your body image currently? Would you like some body positive twinkle in your day? Well, you’ve come to the right place!¬†The Body Diaries is here to spread the body positive message and have people talk about their body image. This week I’m chatting with Hannah, an aspiring photographer who I’ve known since I was about 6!

Give my readers a little introduction to you. Who are you and what are you about?

The Body Diaries Hannah Body Confidence Body Positivity

Hey everyone, I’m Hannah and I’m 21. I just graduated from the University of Hertfordshire after studying photography. I’m currently working as a receptionist in a hotel whilst pursuing a passion in photography – freelancing and working on personal projects. If I’m not behind my camera, I’ll have my head in a book or puzzle. I enjoy something that stimulates my brain!

How would you describe your relationship with your body?

My relationship with my body is definitely complicated. I’ve always been ‘big’. I’m 5″10 and I’ve always had a bigger body size than the people I surround myself with. I’ve never been confident with the way I look – but now I look back and think how silly I was not to be happy! ¬†University definitely made my relationship with my body suffer – I got comfortable with my boyfriend and we’d ¬†always eat out or get takeaways so I put on a lot of weight. I’m working on my body but also how I view myself so it’s a working process – physically and mentally!

The Body Diaries Hannah Body Confidence Body Positivity

Tell me which 3 parts of yourself that you love the most?

It would have to be my eyes because I was blessed with long lashes. I also love my hair because it’s always been really thick but it’s so easy to change styles as it grows quickly as well! Erm and I guess I would have to say my boobs!

What is your go-to outfit that makes you feel like you’re the hottest person on earth?

I love wearing baggy, stretchy trousers with just a strappy top! I just feel so comfy and if I need to look a bit more put together, I just throw on a pair of heels.

The Body Diaries Hannah Body Confidence Body Positivity

How do you try and get over the bad days you have with your body?

On a bad day, I try to make sure I just work extra hard in the gym. I try to think about how lucky I am too. I’m surrounded by family and friends who don’t care how I look. I’m also extremely lucky to have a partner who has been with me long enough to see my body change and loves me regardless of these changes.

What tips would you give to your 12-year-old self about body confidence?

Just to relax, don’t stress about how you look! Embrace the parts of your body you are confident about. And do not listen to what anyone else has to say, especially boys!

Fancy seeing more of Hannah? Her Instagram is the place to find her and her great photography! Let us know in the comments what your biggest confidence issue is?

Hannah x

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