Travel Diary: Dubai Part Two

Me and my dad at Serendipity

I can’t believe I’ve been in Dubai for a whole month already…it has gone so quickly! Luckily, I have a whole three more weeks to continue exploring and appreciate the sun. The last two weeks have involved chilling by the pool, eating lots of incredible food and some sailing. So, if you fancy having a read about that then grab yourself another cuppa because it might be a long one…

I have spent a lot of time chilling by the pool and reading. I have absolutely no complaints about this because I need to make the most of the weather and my reading list for next year is already way too long… I still haven’t got a tan yet though, but for once in my life I’m not burnt either!!

All of the fooooood

The Lime Tree Cafe breakfast
Breakfast at The Lime Tree Cafe

The main thing that I’ve done in the last two weeks is eat! I have eaten so much tasty food that I think I will leave Dubai about ten stone heavier. There are three places that I’ve been to and fallen in love with that I need to share:

  1. The Lime Tree Cafe / Sheikh Zayed Road- This cafe has a total Instagram-friendly aesthetic because all of it is so pretty! This is probably one of the best places that I have ever been to for breakfast or brunch. I mean, poached eggs are always a winner for me.
  2. Wafi Gourmet /Wafi Mall – Ok, so if you are ever in Dubai you need to make sure Wafi Gourmet is at the top of your list of places to eat at. There are actually no words to describe how incredibly tasty the saj bread with halloumi and muhumrah.
  3. Trader Vic’s / Madinat – I’ve already been to Trader Vic’s twice in two weeks because my dad and stepmum love it. I completely understand why! They have a great happy hour with the most spectacular selection of rum cocktails and great food for sharing.

Dubai Museum

On Tuesday, we decided to be a little cultured and visit the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort! It was so interesting to learn a more about Dubai’s history and how far it has expanded and grown. Plus, it was super cheap so it’s a great day out.


Beach at Jebel Ali
Beach at Jebel Ali

We were supposed to kayaking on Thursday, but we spontaneously went sailing instead. We spent an hour sailing around Jebel Ali when the sun was setting and it was just so peaceful! I totally want to learn how to sail properly now because it was so much fun. Then, we spent the next evening on a friend’s boat around the Palm. Swimming in the sea with absolutely nobody around was the best experience ever!

Shop ’till you drop

I finally had a little splurge in the insane sales here in Dubai (up to 70% in some places!!!) and bought myself some things! I mean I totally didn’t need to buy a backpack or denim dress, but the sales were calling me… As well as some bras from the Victoria’s Secret sale that were very much needed after I had a complete meltdown about only being able to find gross granny bras for my size!


Let me know what you think?