Brighton: Top 5 Cheap Eats

Mexican street food at La Choza

Now, as a university student that loves food but is living the skint life, I am all for cheaper places to eat out that still tastes great. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the best cities in the country (yes, I am completely biased!) which is full to the brim with exciting and cheaper places to eat. So, I thought I’d share my favourite places in Brighton to eat at (some that cost under a tenner!). 

1. Pompoko / Church Street (near the Brighton Dome)

Every student knows about Pompoko because who could resist those prices?! I mean I stuff my face there and only spend about a tenner! The food is some of the best, and most authentic, Japenese food I’ve eaten; I mean their gyoza is insane. Plus, they give you the hugest amount of noodles ever and it is super quick.  (NOTE: they don’t take card so make sure you have cash on you!)

2. Franco Manca / Regent Street

This is a very new addition in Brighton, only being open about a week or so! Now, I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about sourdough pizzas so I was kind of skeptical when I went to Franco Manca, but oh how was I wrong. These pizzas are absolutely insane, the dough is so squishy and amazing. Plus it is only about a fiver for an amazing margarita pizza, so how can you say no?!

3. The Creperie /Ship Street

Everyone needs something sweet now and again. The Creperie is my new go-to option if I need a sugar fix. Their ‘Go Bananas’ crepe with cream and Nutella is the most amazing thing ever. But do not go on here on a first date, or eat it on the beach in front of everyone, because you will look like an animal with Nutella all over your face and hands. (I am talking from experience here, so take the advice!)



4. Sabai Thai / North Street (near Bella Italia)

There are a lot of Thai places in Brighton that basically offer Chinese food at takeaway standard. However, Sabai Thai is not like this at all, it is super authentic food that tastes absolutely amazing! Honestly, their chicken satay and Thai fishcakes are incredible. It is relatively cheap, but more on the pricey side of this list. The quality of the food here is totally worth a little extra.

 5. La Choza (at The Hare and The Hound) / London Road

Anyone who knows me, will know how Mexican is my favourite food in the world. Similarly, everyone in Brighton knows about La Choza’s incredible Mexican, as well as how hard it is to get in. However, The Hare and The Hound pub features La Choza street food! The food is some of the best Mexican I have ever eaten. I would definitely recommend going veggie and getting anything with feta and sweet potato because, boy, is that the best combo ever! And it doesn’t cost more than a tenner.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Brighton, then I’m sure one of these will tickle your fancy so go and treat yourself to some incredible food!

Let me know what you think?