Monthly Music: May 2016

Blink-182, Skepta, Local Natives, Ariana Grande

may 2016

Firstly, can we just mention how it basically feels like summer already?! I am definitely digging the warmer weather, and it’s totally influenced this month’s playlist.

So this month’s playlist is probably my favourite playlists so far! I am obsessed with all of the songs. It is a complete mix of music this month, but I think it all blends really well together.

Kicking off is blink-182’s new track (very exciting for 15-year-old Hannah). This song just sums up why I love blink with high energy and catchy lyrics you can wail along to.

Ok, so can we have a moment to appreciate the entirety of Konnichiwa, well done Skepta! Numbers is definitely one of my favourite tracks off the album (although that changes daily!). It is so catchy and you can hear the American influence of producer Pharrell, whilst sticking to Skepta’s grime roots.

Past Lives is so chilled and sounds so beautifully created. Local Natives have made a totally perfect song for summer. The vocals just sound so incredible. I can’t get over the beauty of this song.

I did not think I would ever be an Ariana Grande fan, but Into You has completely converted me. Her voice is so powerful and beautiful. I just can’t stop listening to this song whilst dancing about my room like an idiot. Plus, how cute is she!!

Now, whenever there is any hint of sunshine, Tame Impala are my go-to music choice. The psychedelic vibes and Kevin Parker’s vocals make Tame Impala perfect for summery weather (well any weather, but they sound ten times better in the sun!).

Anybody who knows me, will know how much I bloody love The Stone Roses. So I almost cried with excitement over All for One and, boy, they did not disappoint! With the peace-and-love tone to the song, it perfectly encapsulates that typical Roses sound with a slightly more sophisticated edge.

I can’t get over how beautiful Glasgow by Catfish and the Bottlemen is. Van’s vocals sound so raw but perfectly controlled, and I love the acoustic sound. I just can’t explain how much I love this song, it’s so incredible!

Too Good is another Drake and Ri-Ri banger that I can’t stop listening to. I just want to get up and dance whenever I hear this track. It is so well constructed and catchy as!

I am totally predicting that MØ’s Final Song will be that slightly-dancey song of the summer that everyone remembers! It is so feel good that I can’t stop listening to it and pretending I’m on holiday (even though I’m probably in the library).

Ending with, yet another slightly-dancey song for summer. Middle isn’t a new release, and I didn’t even discover it this month, but I have been listening to it consistently for about two months. It is just so well mixed and how good do Bipolar Sunshine sound on this track!

Have a listen to and follow May’s playlist below:


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