22 Things Whilst I’m 22


Hannah's Place, Lifestyle, BlogYesterday, I turned 22?! (I have to stop myself singing Taylor Swift when I read that) So strange… It almost sounds like I’m supposed to be an adult.

Whilst I was 21, I achieved and learnt so much. I graduated, moved countries, fell in love. I learnt more about body positivity and accepted who I am more. So why stop now? I want more experiences, to learn new things and achieve lots of. Here are 22 things that I’d love to tick off my in-my-brain bucketlist before my next birthday!

  1. The 50 book challenge – I vowed to take advantage of being able to choose books once I’d finished uni. This is the perfect way to!
  2. Explore more of Dubai – I’ve been living here for almost five months and still have so much to see.
  3. Watch a movie outside – I tried to do this in Brighton last summer, but now that I live in a country that is never cold, it’s much easier to.
  4. Visit The Louvre in Abu Dhabi.
  5. Go back to the UK – I want to try and go home at least once. I miss everyone and being cold!
  6. Visit Petra – Jordan is practically on my doorstep, so visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World would be a dream.
  7. Have a digital detox – I want to try and spend a weekend not using social media, playing stupid games and endlessly scrolling on my phone! I’ll give a try, but who knows if I’ll be able to.
  8. Get a new tattoo.
  9. Go to a gig in Dubai – I haven’t found the music scene in Dubai yet, but hopefully I do and can go to at least one gig.
  10. Do Yoga once a week – I want to get my fitness levels up and be more zen, so what better way?
  11. Cook a three-course meal – Eventually in my life, I want to be able to host a dinner party.  Tackling this would be a good way to prepare for that.
  12. Travel somewhere new – I’m not too fussed about where, I just want to go somewhere and explore it.
  13. Make a new friend – How sad does this make me sound? But I have zero friends in Dubai. Let’s hope I can find at least one person to hang out with.
  14. Go camping – I love being outside so I want spend a night under the stars in the desert, or even in the back garden!
  15. Start learning to drive – Everyone keeps telling me I need to, so maybe this year will be the one where I give in and start to learn!
  16. Learn to make a cocktail – Whether it be a cosmo, mai thai or daiquiri. I just want to learn how to make a cocktail! (Slightly in prep for this future dinner party that I want to host.)
  17. Open a savings account – I am the worst person with money. Saving isn’t a word I know the definition of. 22 sounds like a good age to learn it.
  18. Go to the theatre – A play or musical. I don’t mind what. I just need the culture!
  19. Treat myself to a facial – Why not? I deserve a treat now and then.
  20. Learn to take better photos – Blogging is something I am really passionate about so I want to learn how to take incredible photos like other bloggers!
  21. Own a matching suit – As I am now full-time working girl (that sounds dodgy), I want to own a gorgeous matching suit to rock at the office or events.
  22. Do something charitable – I am really terrible at being charitable which is awful. So this year I want to make an effort and do something to help others.

Achieving all, or any, of these things isn’t important to me. I just want to try and push myself to do as many fun things, learn new skills and enjoy the next year of my life! What’s one thing you’ve love to try and achieve this year?

Hannah x

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