Review: The Stone Roses @ Wembley

The Stone Roses, Wembley Satdium

The Stone Roses, Wembley SatdiumLast night, I was lucky enough to see The Stone Roses at Wembley Stadium as part of their UK tour. My wonderful boyfriend treated me to tickets for my birthday and it is safe to say, I was a little bit excited to see my favourite band ever live! So I have decided do a write-up of my thoughts of the gig.

The before

Before heading to Wembley, we made the most of a lovely day and went to Southbank. We had lunch at Bleecker Burger. The burgers were mouth-wateringly tasty and the Oreo milkshake was dreamy! Then we strolled along by the river and, even, popped into the Tate Modern to hide from the blaring sun.Bleecker Burger

The support acts

The Stone Roses are being supported by G-O-D, Sleaford Mods and Blossoms on this tour. I was most excited to see Blossoms because Charlemagne and This Moment are such great tracks. They were my favourite of the support acts really because I have never been able to get into Sleaford Mods! Blossoms have such an assured indie flair whilst sounding fresh and dynamic. I also really need to know Tom Ogden’s hair secrets so my hair can look that good!

The Stone Roses, Wembley Satdium

The main event

Before The Stone Roses’ set, we moved from standing to sitting because the heat and crowd caused my anxiety to say hello. However,  we weren’t going to let it ruin our night! So my lovely boyf found us two seats with an amazing view and I felt much calmer.

The Stone Roses, Wembley Satdium

As soon as they came on stage, I had tears streaming down my face. Listening to I Wanna be Adored with 90,000 people singing along was just too much for me to cope with. This is a band that I’ve wanted to see live forever, and finally I was seeing them! It was such a dream come true. The Stone Roses have always been able to make me feel unbelievably happy and seeing them live filled me with so much emotion.

Apart from crying my way through I Wanna be Adored and Sally Cinnamon, I had the most amazing time. They put on such a breathtaking show. The lights were funky. The vibe of the crowd was blissful with everyone was singing all the words to every song. Each song was performed so flawlessly and stunningly. They were so captivating and effortless. I was completely lost in the moment. I forgot about everything else. The Stone Roses are the masters of hypnotically beautiful and mesmerising music.

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