Review: Fatto a Mano, Hove

On Saturday, my super lovely boyfriend treated me to dinner as a pre-Graduation celebration. He asked  where I wanted to go and straight away I said Fatto a Mano. I’ve been wanting to go and try their glorious looking pizzas for ages after drooling over their Instagram!

The restaurant

We turned up and were faced with a rather large crowd. Luckily, rather than having to wait the predicted 45 minutes, we nabbed two seats at the bar! (Thank god, because I was absolutely starving after work.) I was completely happy to sit at the bar and spy on the chefs whilst they were cooking all the pizzas!

I absolutely love the interior of the restaurant. It is so gorgeously designed! Although the restaurant isn’t huge, it feels really light and airy. I love the open plan kitchen, because I love getting to see the food being cooked. Plus I’m always partial to a blue, white and marble theme!

The food

I can’t get over how incredible the food was at Fatto a Mano! For starters, we decided to share some bruschetta. I was amazed at how generous the portion was because, whenever I’ve ordered bruschetta before, you get about 3 tomatoes on some bread! But not with Fatto a Mano, we were given so many tomatoes on a huge piece of toasted bread. It was so fresh as well!

For mains, I was super boring and ordered a margherita with added prosciutto. Again, I was so surprised at how generous they were with the toppings. The prosciutto was so fresh and delicious! I’m obsessed with the slightly smokey taste from pizzas cooked in wood ovens and Fatto a Mano don’t disappoint.  Their pizzas are ridiculously good, on another level completely! Those soft and pillowy pizzas are something else.


If you’re looking for incredible pizza that are freshly made with generous toppings, then Fatto a Mano is the place for you! It has such a lovely atmosphere and the restaurant is so beautiful. Plus, the prices are so affordable for the amount you get and how divinely good it is!


Let me know what you think?