Monthly Music: June 2016

DJ Snake, The Temper Trap, Biffy Clyro, Ariana Grande


Second year is well and truly finished! Can we all give me a round of applause for actually surviving please? Summer is here, so I’ve finally had to leave Brighton and head back to boring ol’ Bucks.

Kicking off June’s playlist is another absolutely banging track by DJ Snake. The combination of raspy female vocals and that typical funky sound of DJ Snake make this song incredible. This is one of those summery, dancey-esque songs which you can’t help listening to over and over because it is so feel good.

Now, I loved The Temper Trap’s first album, but not so much their second album, so I was intrigued by the release of this single. This couldn’t be further from the dreamy indie-pop sound of their first album, however, I bloody love Alive. It is raw and edgy, with a much heavier sound, but still retaining the catchy lyricism that I loved about their sound.

Wolves of Winter featured in April’s playlist, and Biffy Clyro are back again in this month’s playlist with Animal Style. Their classic heavy yet funky sound features in this track, but is a sound I cannot tire of. Biffy have perfected their signature sound, whilst still managing to impress and surprise with every new track.

Last month I admitted to my new found (and surprising) love for Ariana Grande, and she is back once more in this month’s playlist. With Dangerous Woman being released at the end of May, I’ve been listening to the album non-stop, but Be Alright is the standout for me. I can’t get over how incredible Ariana’s vocals are and how she manages to create such insanely good pop tracks.

I discovered the new Shallows’ track, Empire of the Animal, on the Spotify ‘New Music Friday’ playlist and instantly became obsessed. The combination of  incredibly dreamy and ethereal vocals with the upbeat vibes of this track make it almost flawless.

The Stone Roses are back once again!! I think that Beautiful Things is so much more reminiscent of that distinctive psychedelic and dynamic sound that I love the Stone Roses for than the last single. I can’t explain my love for this track, despite being 7 minutes long, it does not seem long enough at all. I could listen to it on repeat forever.

When I saw a remix of one of the best Marley song’s under the new releases on Spotify I was so sceptical! I was sure that it was going to ruin such a beautiful song because how can you make Bob Marley any better than he is? Yet, I instantly fell in love with this remix. It is just so bloody funky, that is the only way to describe it. There is no attempt to remix it into a better song, just take a different approach to an already incredible song.

Foals and Mura Masa, how could I not appreciate how great this track is?! I loved Night Swimmers from the latest Foals album as it is, but the Mura Masa remix of the track makes it even more mesmerising and exhilarating.

I’ve heard so much talk about Chance the Rapper, and I can totally understand why after giving his album a listen to. Juke Jams is totally my favourite song from Coloring Book. This is so beautifully constructed, with the most stunning vocals ever. It is another one of those songs that people will be doing some bump’n’grind to because it’s just so seductive.

Rounding up June’s playlist is Two Door Cinema Club‘s new single. I have a similar relationship with this band as I do with The Temper Trap, their first album was impeccable but I lost interest with Beacon. However, Are We Ready?(Wreck) sparked my interest again. There is something so intoxicating about this track and I am completely obsessed!

Listen to the playlist below:


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