Monthly Music: July 2016

Kungs, Petite Biscuit, Lany, Blink-182

Kungs, Blink-182 - California, Petite Biscult, Lany

So it is July and summer is truly here. Well not for Britain apparently. Luckily I’m staying in Dubai for seven whole weeks so I’m definitely feeling those summer vibes with the 40-degree weather!

This month’s playlist kicks off with what is probably my most-played of this month. This Girl is a blissfully funky track that screams summer with the mixture of saxophone, catchy lyrics and almost housey beats.

There is something so beautifully intoxicating about this Petite Biscuit track that I cannot really explain. The tone is so dreamy with a hint of electronica which makes Sunset Lover such a breathtaking and mesmerising.

I was so intrigued by LANY when they released WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS. So  I listened to their recent EP and instantly fell in love with pink skies! There is something really refreshing about their sound because it is so textured whilst remaining effortlessly cool.

Blink-182 set the bar high for this month’s playlist with the release of California. I have already featured Bored to Death on this blog, but I think She’s Out of Her Mind is even better. It is completely reminiscent of that brilliantly exhilarating and raw pop punk sound that I love Blink for!

I was browsing Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and stumbled across the utterly brilliant Indecision by Shura. This is song is so completely and delightfully pop which I am totally digging.

Now, we all know how much I love grime so of course Lady Leshurr’s new single has to feature. I fell in love with Lady Leshurr and her playful lyrics when I first hear Queen’s Speech 4. However, Where Are You Now? captures that playfulness totally whilst being even more polished and incorporating heavier beats.

So there is only one real way to describe RAT BOY’s new track, GET OVER IT, which is: funky. I can’t stop listening to this song, it is so bloody catchy and has such an old skool vibe to it.

I am so obsessed with Mabel because her voice is so effortlessly stunning! Plus, I totally love the 90’s Lauryn Hill-esque R&B vibe of her music, but Thinking of You is flawless and feels so heartfelt.

A new track from Jamie T was bound to spark my interest, and Tinfoil Boy does not disappoint in the slightest! It starts with an eerie tone before crashing into an incredibly grungy and raw track. This is a total change from the playfulness of his previous music, but it is still just as brilliant.

Rounding up this month’s playlist is Grimes’ Flesh Without Blood, which isn’t a new track but I have only just recently started listening to Grimes. I don’t know how it took me so long because she is seriously good. Her voice is almost uniquely hypnotic and her electronic pop sound is so fresh.

If you fancy treating your ears to some cracking music, have a listen and follow this playlist below:

Let me know what you think?