Monthly Favourites #2

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites

I’m back with another monthly favourites. This month has been one of adjustment for me, I’ve moved to a  new country and started working as marketing intern for a great company. It’s all very different, but still super exciting! However, these changes haven’t stopped me becoming obsessed with a few bits and bobs. If you fancy finding out what things I’ve been loving this month, from telly to candles to music, then keep reading…

I’m emotionally invested

The last month has revolved around one thing.. Seattle Grace Hospital. I’ve become addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, literally. I’ve woken up thinking about it and even had dreams about it?! It is so enthralling and exciting, but also heartwarming and hilarious. I love seeing all the characters develop and change. Thank goodness I have another ten seasons of it to keep me entertained because I can’t say goodbye to it yet!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites Candles

When it is 32°c, you don’t really feel all the glorious cosiness that comes with autumn. Luckily, Bath and Body Works had the best sale in Dubai, which included all their Christmas candles!! I was very restrained and only picked up two: Tis The Season and Marshmallow Fireside. And boy, do these smell good.If you live somewhere near Bath and Body Works, you need to get down ASAP and treat yourself to some delicious smelling candles. Now, I have all the cosy vibes that I could ever want for Christmas!

Get yourself some happinessHannah Jayne Monthly Favourites The Happiness Project

My reading for this month has been Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. I have never really been someone who has ever ventured into ‘self-help books’ section of bookshops. But I found this on the shelf at home and decided to give it a go. Rubin has created something completely different. Rather than preaching how to be happy and successful, The Happiness Project follows one woman’s attempt to appreciate her life more. With a little bit of advice thrown in! This book is heartfelt, helpful and hilarious to read. Thanks to this book, I’ve tried to shift my thoughts and view life with more positivity.

GRL PWR vibes

This month, the music I’ve been loving has been very girl-gang inspired. But that’s because there is just so many wonderfully talented female artists and bands around. If you fancy listening to my October playlist, you can check it out here.

Dream Wife / Let’s Make Out – This track has such a roaring energy. It almost kicks you in the face with such an intense and gritty sound but still sounds effortless and smooth.

HAIM / That Don’t Impress me Much – As soon as I saw the video of this cover on Facebook, I was hooked. HAIM have the most textured and mesmerising sound that is so laid-back.

Nadia Rose / Big Woman – How badass is this song?! It has such an empowering vibe. With a dancehall-inspired and vibrant sound, Big Woman is a banger.

Super pretty artwork

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites Art

So my step-cousin Hannah Page is a very talented illustrator and artist. I have four of her lovely prints that you can buy from her website.  I can’t wait for these to be put up on my bedroom wall (hey Dad, if you’re reading this, crack on). Hannah’s illustrations are so adorable which the most uplifting and positive quotes.  I mean, c’mon, look at how cute they are!

Hannah Jayne Monthly Favourites Art

But, one of my favourite things this month, and a treasured possession for life, are these beautiful dried flowers. Hannah gave me these flowers as a gift to remember my auntie (and her stepmum) because they were the flowers from her celebration of life. They are so perfectly preserved and beautiful. I can’t thank Hannah enough for such a thoughtful gift!

So these are all the things that I’ve been loving and using this month. Let me know in the comments what things have been your favourite this month?

Hannah x


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