Introduction to The Body Diaries

It’s June which means that summer season is fully underway (the UK’s weather would suggest otherwise though)! However, with that comes the constant ‘bikini body’ and ‘summer diet’ rhetoric. There is just so much pressure for us to lose weight through some fad diet. This pressure can literally make us hate our bodies and I’m really not okay with that!

Fad diet examples

This diet culture is so entrenched in society and we don’t even realise what it is doing to our body images! Our relationships with our bodies are so distorted because of how normalised diet culture is.  I think we need to fight this constant pressure one step at a time. And with that, welcome to my new series: The Body Diaries.

Every week, until I run out of willing participants, there will be a new interview posted on Saturday evenings. These interviews will be with girls I know and admire about their bodies, confidence and self-love. These will be frank discussions about their personal relationships with their bodies, so please be respectful!

Body confidence

Through this series, I hope to inspire and promote body confidence amongst girls! I want to create a place for open discussion about and celebration of body confidence.  I’m willing to keep it going as long as possible, because the message is so important! So if you want to be involved, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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