The Body Diaries: Katrina

Here it is! The Body Diaries with all its positive vibes and self-love is here. Make sure to grab yourself a cuppa tea and a biscuit whilst you have a read. So welcome to the first edition of The Body Diaries with my friend Katrina: she’s the queen of eBay, loves a Snapchat filter and has the cutest puppy!

Give my readers a little introduction to you. Who are you and what’re you about?

I’m Katrina, I’m 21 and have just finished three years at the University of Brighton doing a English Language and Media degree. I live with my boyfriend of two years (we actually met on Tinder lol) and our German Shepard puppy called Luna. I love making memories with my friends and meeting new people. I also love pretty things.

Katrina and her body confidence


How would you describe your relationship with your body?

I would say that, currently, I am still working on my relationship with my body. I don’t hate my body at all, but I’m not completely happy with it either. There are still things about my body that I wish I could change, but I’ve started eating healthier and making better choices. I’m starting to realise that as long as I’m healthy, that’s all that matters, regardless of how my body looks!

Which three parts of yourself do you love the most?

My eyes, my teeth and my booty (*insert peach emoji*)!Katrina showing the body confidence


What’s your go-to outfit that makes you feel like the hottest person on earth?

I love dressing up, doing my hair and makeup! So whenever I’m in a nice dress, then I always feel good.

How do you try and get over the bad days you have with your body?

I just remember that I’m healthy and I have a wonderful man who loves me the way I am! There’s way more to life than worrying about whether your body fits society’s standards.Katrina and her boyfriend

What tips would you give your 12-year-old self about body confidence?

I would tell myself to stay healthy and take care of myself, but don’t stress about your body. Don’t worry about conforming to society’s stereotypes and girls in the media. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!

If you fancy seeing more of Katrina’s wonderful life, gorgeous face and cute puppy then you can find her on Instagram here: katrinadonnellyx

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