In memory of Emily Jane

Cousins Hannah Jayne UK Blogger

I lost my auntie. My auntie Emily. The gorgeous lady that everyone said I was the mini version of when I was younger. The talented lady who was always quirky and fun. The incredible lady who had the strength to give birth during an earthquake in New Zealand and battle cancer. The lady who spread positivity, love and warmth to anyone she came near. The lady who I wish I had taken the time to know better. The lady that took the time to send me the most special message after graduating, despite being in hospital. The lady who I don’t think I told enough that I loved her. The lady I didn’t ask often enough how she was. The lady I got to see get married at the most wonderful wedding. The lady who was obsessed with pigs. The lady who would be overjoyed at how we as a family, with many differing relationships, have all come together and showed each other such love, compassion and support.

Cousins Hannah Jayne UK Blogger

As sad, difficult and heartbreaking as the last few weeks have been, my auntie would be completely happy. She would have been so happy to see us. We have supported each other. We have made each other laugh. We had looked after each other. We played hide and seek as cousins and had piggy back races. We watched the sunset and thought of her at peace. We celebrated her and how wonderful she was. We remembered and love her. Auntie Emily, you will always live on through the love we feel for each other and you.

Hannah x

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