The Body Diaries: Holly

We’re back again, for round three! Spreading body confidence and self-love weekly, it’s The Body Diaries. This week I’m chatting with my friend Holly, who is more obsessed with garlic than me, will always remind you how flawless you are and loves Millwall.

Give my readers a little introduction to you. Who are you and what are you about?

I’m Holly and have just finished studying English Language and Media at University of Brighton. I feel passionately about body positivity and self love. So I was thrilled when Hannah asked me to be a part of this series.

How would you describe your relationship with your body?

I would say I have a great relationship with my body! I have really learnt to embrace every part of me and I love myself for it. It’s such an amazing feeling to be confident in who I am.

Tell me which 3 parts of yourself that you love the most?

Boobs, hair, legs.

What is your go-to outfit that makes you feel like you’re the hottest person on earth?

I love wearing high waisted skirts with v-neck t-shirts! I feel like this type of outfit really compliments my curvy figure because it highlights my boobs, hips and waist.

How do you try and get over the bad days you have with your body?

It would be a lie to say that I don’t have bad days, even though I’m confident. Sometimes I do have bad days! I usually tend to remind myself of the word ’embrace’. This is who I am and I’ll never change so why feel bad about it. I should be happy with it.

What tips would you give your 12-year-old self about body confidence?

One of my main tips would be to NEVER compare your appearance to anyone else. And I don’t just mean to models in magazines, but also family members and friends too. That’s definitely struggled with growing up. I’ve mentioned the word ’embrace’ already, but it is something which I would definitely encourage.

If you want to see more of Holly, she can be found on Instagram and Twitter!

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