A Little Update

Well well well. It’s been a long time, right? I’ve been absent from the blogging and social media world for a few months. Life just got really busy and I’ve had zero time to write. Plus, when your job is so heavily focused on social media, Instagram is the last thing you want to look at when you get home. So before I dive back into blogging, I thought I’d splash around with a life update…

9 months later

Okay, so that sounds like I’ve just given birth or something… but really that’s just how long I’ve been in Dubai. It’s been nine whole months since I moved away from everything I knew. It’s been nine months since I’ve felt remotely cold, enjoyed a Primark trip (priorities, right) or seen my family or friends. And the time has flown by!

Things have been great in Dubai. I’ve been exploring more, including a windy (and very short) trip to Oman, gone to a few great gigs and eaten way too many burgers. Everything has been going well and I’m really enjoying life here.

I’ve finally got friends

In my first couple of months in Dubai, I was certain that I’d never have any friends here.

I was always third-wheeling my dad and stepmum  (sorry for killing the romance guys!). I spent most of my weekends and evenings watching Grey’s Anatomy – I’d like to thank Shonda Rimes for helping me through that very lonely period.

After Christmas, there were some changes in our office and I finally found a little social circle. I have people (who aren’t my parents) to test every ladies night Dubai has to offer, spend the day scouting the sales or even just going to the gym with. Finally, I have a social life!

Finding some friends was a hurdle, but overcoming it has made me feel so much more settled here.

I’m coming home

(…for two weeks)

When I first arrived in Dubai, I wasn’t sure when I’d next be going home because I was an intern trying to save money. I wasn’t even planning on going home at all this year, but I spontaneously decided to (all because I wanted to go to a gig).

The thought of catching up with everyone and seeing Brighton again is making me so happy. I’m looking forward to mooching around the Laines, forcing my mum to take me to a National Trust property and day-drinking with my uni pals. But also, the thought of reuniting with Primark splurges, a roast dinner and Dominos garlic bread is giving me so much joy. I’m literally counting down the minutes!


So these are the few things that have been happening in my life whilst I’ve been away from the Internet. What has been happening in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Hannah x


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