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I feel as though you can tell a lot about a person from their favourite album choices. So the obvious choice for the first post on my brand new blog would be my top ten albums so that you can all be nosey and get to know me.


The Stone Roses / The Stone Roses

There are no words to describe the perfection that is this album (great start, hey?). I’m not sure how, but this album makes me nostalgic for a time when I wasn’t even alive because it is such a defining album of the Madchester scene of the late eighties.  It is one of those albums that you can listen to when you’re feeling awful or bawling your eyes out, and instantly those psychedelic vibes will cure your sadness!

IcW11G41Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not / Arctic Monkeys

I have adored this album ever since I first discovered Arctic Monkeys.  The punchy vocals of Alex Turner and poetic lyrics made this album so intoxicating to 14-year-old me who was making the move away from just listening to what my mum did. Every song on this album still fills me with the same exhilaration and excitement I felt when I first heard it.


So Long, See You Tomorrow / Bombay Bicycle Club

Summer 2014 is completely encapsulated by this amazing album; I had just finished A-levels, was enjoying the final summer with all my pals before university, and had this album on repeat constantly. The nostalgia I feel whenever I hear the chilled tone of this album will always make it incredibly special to me.


Integrity / JME

A entirely different type of album to my other top ones, but still one of the most incredible albums I have ever listened to. I am claiming JME as the undeniable king of grime because of his funny, yet gritty, lyrics combined with the heavy beats make this album impeccable.


My Love Is Cool / Wolf Alice

`Not only have they named themselves after a story by my favourite author, but Wolf Alice’s debut album managed to exceed all my hopeful expectations. The contrast of the grungy riffs and punky vocals of ‘Giant Peach’, with the softer tones and pure vocals of ‘Freazy’ show just how diverse the sound of this album is. From the first time hearing this album, I have been absolutely hooked.


Go Now and Live / We Are the Ocean

Welcome to the angsts and anger of teenage Hannah’s mind. Not only did it sum up everything I was feeling as an over-emotional 15-year-old who hated the world, but this album is incredibly made. The screaming vocals and heavy baselines of every song on this album are insane.

635728758111414548646236936_Back To Black

Back to Black / Amy Winehouse

The voice of Amy Winehouse is one of the most inspiring voices of the last 20 years and the rawness of this album is beautifully heartbreaking. ‘Back to Black’ makes you feel emotions you did not know were even possible; but the fact it was so crafted so well makes it an incredible legacy of Amy.


Nevermind / Nirvana

There was no doubts about the inclusion of Nevermind, which is the defining sound of the grunge era, when deciding this list of my favourite albums. The incredible lyricism and the heavy riffs of this album make it so utterly haunting of Cobain’s genius.


The Libertines / The Libertines

Each time I listen to this album, I constantly feel the same exhilaration I did when I first heard those dynamic vocals of Barât and Doherty. I cannot explain the love I have for this album. The messy and choppy sound of The Libertines is what makes them so endearing as a band.

Tango in the Night cover  Tango in the Night / Fleetwood Mac

I think this might be the most dreamy album to exist. I know most people pick ‘Rumours’ as their favourite Fleetwood Mac album, but ‘Tango in the Night’ holds a special place in my heart because it includes the best (or so I think!) song ever: ‘Seven Wonders’.

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