Review | Biffy Clyro @ Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai

Way back in the 2011, Biffy Clyro supported Foo Fighters at MK Bowl on a hot summers day. Unfortunately, 15-year-old Hannah with no Saturday job couldn’t afford tickets. So her and her best pal (also called Hannah) decided to sit in a park next to the venue to just listen to the gig.

So when Biffy Clyro announced they’d be playing a very intimate gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai, my inner-15-year was squealing.

On a Wednesday night, after spending over an hour in rush-hour traffic (which let me tell you, is even busier in Dubai), we arrived at The Hard Rock Cafe and grabbed a couple of pints of Strongbow. (Oh the sweet nectar of British gigs)

The atmosphere was electric. There were so many huge fans and you could just feel how excited they were. As soon they came on stage, everyone went wild. It was such a small venue that it felt even more special!

When they performed Bubbles, I felt those instant goosebumps that you always get when you hear a song you love live. Hearing a crowd singalong at the top of their voices to an entire song is something that never gets old.

Biffy Clyro were incredible. They had such a raw energy that is indescribable. Their performance was crashing and imperfect, but in the best way possible. It’s almost an assault on the senses, with roaring drums, heavy guitar riffs, frantic vocals and dazzling lights.

But it was definitely one gig that I’ll not be forgetting for a while. It was amazing to finally see such a glorious band live.

Let me know what you think?