Monthly Music: August 2016

August playlist featuring Kiko Bun, Francis and the Lights, Viola Beach, Fickle Friends


How is it already August?! This year is flying by. However, new month means you lucky people get a brand new playlist full to the brim with insanely good music! This playlist is probably my favourite so far because it blends together perfectly.

Kicking off this month is an artist that I’ve recently become obsessed with, Kiko Bun. His reggae vibe is perfect for summer (or anytime of the year really!). There is something about his unique and feel-good sound that I can’t get enough of! So Kiko Bun’s latest release, Sweetie, obviously had to feature.

A friend suggested I listen to Friends, which instantly I fell in love with. The lyrics sound so heartfelt and the almost gospel-inspired sound is stunning. I can’t explain how much I love this Francis and the Lights track, it sounds absolutely beautiful.

Now, everyone loves a bit of glorious indie pop in the summertime, don’t they? I mean, I definitely do! And Viola Beach have perfected that throughout their latest album, but the stand out for me is Go Outside. It is thoroughly upbeat and catchy, just as indie pop should be.

Obviously I was feeling the indie pop vibe because Brighton-based Fickle Friends’ latest release, Cry Baby, is up next. With hints of 80s-inspired-sugary-sounding melodies sprinkled throughout, this song is deliciously pop and playful.

I discovered this Glass Animals’ track whilst browsing new releases and I’m so happy I did! Their sound combines funky R&B vibes with hypnotic snythpop sounds to create something stunning. This song is brilliantly produced and the vocals are completely dreamy.

Speaking of R&B, we need to discuss the new album by NAO! Self-proclaiming her sound as ‘Wonky Funk’, the combination of soulful R&B vocals with funky electronic sounds make this album breathtaking. I found it so hard to pick just one song, but went with Get To Know Ya because of how catchy it is.

The latest track by Duke Dumont needs mentioning because, just like every other track he has produced, it is so funky. There is only one real way to describe this track.  An absolute banger! It has such a perfectly deep house vibe that is completely chilled, whilst still making you want to dance.

I’ve already discussed my new found (and surprising) love for ZAYN, so discovering his track with Snakehips made me super excited! His vocals on this track are as dreamy as usual, plus there is something completely seductive about it that I can’t get enough of.

I didn’t really listen to this when it was first released but now I’m totally obsessed with Spoken Words. The heavy baselines that Chase and Status are known for, blend seamlessly with nineties banger Everybody’s Free and the striking poetry of George the Poetry.

This week, The Maccabees sadly announced their split! I thought that it was only right for X-Ray to finish off this month’s playlist. This song perfectly encapsulates The Maccabees with their dynamically mesmerising sound and masterful lyricism.

Treat your ears to some brilliant music and listen to this month’s playlist below:


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