Love is in the air. Or maybe not…

Well happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Another day full of cards with glitter and hearts, last minute dashes for chocolates or flowers, and just general romancing. Everywhere, couples are declaring their undying love for each other. And why shouldn’t they?

As each Valentine’s Day comes about, there seems to be an increase in anti-valentine’s stuff. More people are just saying ‘thank u next’ to Valentine’s Day. I get it, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. If you’re single, it can feel a bit too much and nausea inducing with the proclamations of love plastered everywhere. Personally, I didn’t really celebrate it this year, mainly because long distance presents are so much effort and we are both saving for a big holiday.

But why should we get so grouchy over people celebrating their love?

Yes, I get that Valentine’s Day is a massive marketing scheme for companies to cash in on. However, the same could be said for everything. We live in a capitalist society, people love to make their dollar off us. Companies are consistently cashing in on things from Valentine’s Day to cellulite. But to me, Valentine’s Day isn’t inherently evil like their attempts to make the big bucks off our body image issues (let’s not step into that today though, that’s a whole different topic for another day).

When we consider what Valentine’s Day stands for, that’s something we should encourage. It’s a day jam packed full of love, romance and gushiness. It gives people an opportunity to show their love, no matter who that is. I find the idea of a day devoted to love incredibly heart-warming.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be simply for couples only. Host a little Galentine’s Day party to share the love with your gals. Take your nan for lunch to show her how much you love her. Or simply have a day full of pampering and self-love to remind yourself who is your number one.

I think we should just rethink of how we see Valentine’s Day. Rather than simply cancelling it, let’s reframe it. To deny a day which is an opportunity to spread love, when hatred, discrimination and prejudice are constants within our daily lives, seems like a sad thing. We should grasp this chance to make the world a little bit lighter, happier and full of love. Even if it’s just for a day which marketing companies love to commandeer.

Whoever you are, claim the day how you want to. Let Valentine’s Day be your day for love. However you want to interpret that.

Let me know what you think?