Let’s Talk Self-Care

Hannah Jayne mental health body confidence

Everywhere on the Internet, the idea of self-care is being promoted. I am firm supporter of self care. Everyone needs to take some time and look after themselves. Whether you suffer from mental health or not, self-care is crucial. Taking time to look after yourself is so important for your wellbeing!

Instagram and bath bombs

All over the internet, especially my beloved Instagram, self-care is being promoted. This is great! Let’s all remind each other to take care of themselves. Self-care according to Instagram is always bath-bombs from Lush, a face mask to get rid of blackheads, treating yourself to a manicure or eating a chocolate bar.Hannah Jayne mental health body confidence self-care

Top – NewLook
Trousers – NewLook
Sunglasses – Primark (years ago & only cost £1.50!)
Trainers – Adidas
Bag – Tote from Rough Trade

I love seeing people treating themselves and having some well-deserved time to themselves. We all deserve this! In a society with pressure to do well and always  be striving for something new, it is essential to take a minute to look after yourself. I love that everyone is finally taking care of themselves. It’s no longer considered selfish for self-care. Self-care is being shared everywhere and I love it!

Let’s get realistic

But if are you suffering from mental health issues, sometimes self care isn’t the things you see on Instagram. When you’re trying to crawl out of a depression or anxiety hole, this form of self care is impossible. You need to focus on more basic forms of looking after yourself. Self care come be as basic as:

  • getting out of bed
  • opening the curtains
  • getting some fresh air
  • brushing your teeth after 3 days of not
  • doing the pile of washing up that has been left for goodness-knows-how-long
  • remembering to take your medication
  • taking a shower
  • making sure you eat properly

Hannah Jayne mental health body confidence self-care

These things might seem simple to people who  don’t suffer with mental health. But that’s the thing with mental health, daily tasks aren’t always easy. Somedays you will want to curl up in bed and not want to do anything. Your mental health will do everything it can to sabotage your wellbeing, it will take away your energy to shower, make you forgetful with your medication or even eat, make you crave the darkness.

When I’m in this pit of depression and decide to take some time to look after myself, I instantly think of the Instagram-fluffy-type-self-care. I ignore the disgusting film over my teeth, the smell reeking from my armpits and the layer of dust that is covering my room. But really I need to focus on these things!

More diversity pleaseHannah Jayne mental health body confidence self-care

Maybe, it’s time we start promoting a more diverse kind of self-care! Yes, everybody deserves a lovely pampering session which makes their skin look glowy or nails look flawless. That is super important for the days where you’re doing those simple daily tasks but feel like you need an extra boost.

But self care also comes in that more basic form, which isn’t as glamorous or Instagram-worthy. That self care is crucial for getting yourself out of bad days, weeks or even months. Focusing on looking after yourself, in a basic way, is how you will eventually improve. You won’t get better if you let yourself fester in a minging room with an unwashed, matted birds nest on your head. Take the time, wash yourself, clean your surroundings, take your meds, eat something substantial and look after yourself.

Hannah Jayne mental health body confidence self-care

It’s all about a balance, don’t focus on just one type of self care. Focus on both, treat yourself like a best friend. Treat yourself to those lovely, relaxing times, but also make sure you are looking after yourself properly! Go get your nails done, but also remember to brush your teeth.

Let me know what you think?